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{self-care} How To Stay Positive and Entertained in Uncertain Times

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This year has certainly been a test on everyone's ability to stay positive. With the pandemic starting at the beginning of the year, racial tensions increasing and a crazy election season it's sometimes hard to find the good. People are discovering all new ways for self care because of the current stay safe at home and social distancing rules. Many bloggers I follow are exploring their local areas and discovering hidden gems. I am sticking to mostly home activities for the time being.

 *This post includes sponsored links through Nakturnal.*


Read a Good Book with a Warm Mug

I've been slacking on this because I've been more focused on movies - see below - but I did just buy Austenland for $3 (yay used books!) and will hopefully finish another book I started months ago.  I think my problem is the book I am trying to finish is a bit on the darker side and I want to be reading something more light and happy. Why not pick up a classic like Little Women, The Princess Bride or Pride and Prejudice? Or perhaps a fun, quick young adult series like Percy Jackson? I've been meaning to do a reread of that and Harry Potter, I better start a list!


Park yourself on the couch or a comfy chair, pour a mug of your favorite hot beverage and get lost in a different world. If you're a coffee or tea fanatic, or need gifts for tea lovers, check out Adda Coffee & Tea House! They're based in Pittsburgh but also ship their products. I'm not a huge tea drinker - unless I'm in London - but I've got my eye on some of their other offerings like mugs and a pretty woven tote bag. I ordered a chocolate box with a gift code they sent me! 


Go Through Old Vacation Photos

Just because we may not be able to travel the way we used to doesn't mean we can't travel in our minds!  I keep finding myself going through old photo albums (digital and physical) to relive the happy memories. It's almost like being on the trips again! If you don't want to go through your own photos there are plenty of travel blogs you can check out to plan future trips. Some museums are even offering virtual tours so you can experience them from home! Check out this article for museums you can visit from your couch!

Escape with Movies

I did a post early on in the pandemic about what movies I've been watching to lift my spirits. In between watching old favorites I've been working my way through my TCM watchlist which never seems to get any smaller. Every day I check the new movies added to their On Demand offerings so my list is constantly around 50 movies. It's a race to watch them before they expire, which can happen pretty quickly depending on the movie.


Now that Fall is almost here I'm looking forward to curling up on the couch with a blanket, hot chocolate and my favorite Halloween movies! Check out this old post for my must-watch Halloween movies.


Music Therapy

On busy work days where I can't even partly pay attention to a movie I'll turn my iTunes on shuffle and listen to music. I'm more of an oldies fan myself so you won't find any new artists on my list.  Unless you count John Mayer as new. It's mostly The Eagles, James Taylor, Billy Joel, The Beatles, etc. It's so fun to sing along while I work and forget all my problems.


Music can be helpful in more than just lifting your spirits. Incadence, a new company founded in 2019, provides music therapy through video calls, perfect for sessions during quarantine. Music therapy provides individualized treatments to help treat individuals with disabilities, injuries, illnesses, anxieties or to improve general well being.


GIVEAWAY: Incadence have offered one of my readers in the USA a free music therapy session. To enter, follow Incadence on Facebook and comment on this post with how music therapy could help you or a loved one! In my case I'd love it to help me fall asleep at night, I have such trouble turning my mind off! Confirm you've completed both parts of your entry in the form at the bottom of this post.

*I have not tried the company myself but have been offered a free session and gift card in exchange for hosting this giveaway for you all!*


Find New Recipes to Bake or Cook

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I have been spending my weekends trying new recipes and perfecting old favorites. You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my baking adventures. (More to come once I get a few more recipes under my belt.) If I'm feeling really fancy and want to splurge I'll use some of our grocery budget to buy a week of Blue Apron meals. Have you found a hidden talent for cooking or baking?


To go along with cooking, many people have started their own gardens as a way to keep entertained and avoid the grocery store. We are on our second year of having a garden. And when I say we, I mean Christian. He's the brains behind the operation, I just cook the few things we're able to grow. He really enjoys getting off his computer and tending to our peppers, lettuce, herbs and more. Although he wishes we could get rid of the squirrels!



Go For A Walk, Hike or Bike Ride

We haven't been doing this as much as I'd like (aka not at all unless I make Christian take my photos at the local park) but getting some fresh air and Vitamin C is super important. You could even do a socially distanced walk or hike with friends to keep in touch safely.


Play Games

My husband is a HUGE gamer so he always wants me to join in on the fun. I have a few games I played before I met him that he bought for me to play on the Nintendo Switch. He also introduced me to Animal Crossing, which he has been obsessed with since he was younger. They released it on the Switch right at the beginning of quarantine so we've been playing it quite a bit. It's a fun way to escape reality by entering a world we created. We've even played with my sister and his Mom with online play!

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  1. I could use some music therapy for general relaxation purposes!

  2. Love these ideas and your list of Halloween movies is great! Music therapy seems interesting!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  3. These are great tips, the music therapy sounds interesting too! I find I'm terrible at gardening but I've tried hard to find a local trail I can walk along even with my knee injury, and go there as often as I can. Makes me happy just to sit there and stare at the water for a bit, before the boys finish their snacks and we are off again, haha!

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From Blue

  4. That sounds great. I would use it for stress relief

  5. I use music when out mowing to help keep my mind from wandering and help pass the time. Use it a lot when trying to focus on something and not be distracted while working from home

  6. I also have a hard time falling asleep and turning my mind off at night, so finding some way for musical therapy to help that would be great!

  7. I needed this so much, thank you. I've been really throwing myself into gardening and games. But I'm gonna try music therapy next!

  8. I am a huge fan of gardening for stress! Helps me relax plus comes a yummy bonus.

  9. My favorite thing to do is curl up with a good book and a warm drink. I think I may try gardening, though! I need to try something new

  10. Ok all the tips I truly need right now! Movies and a good book are great ideas!

    District of Chic

  11. I am a total book fiend! I am totally on board with settling down with a good book and tea from the website you suggested!! can't wait for it to get colder!

  12. Music therapy sounds like a good option. I have not listened to music these months, just whatever is on the radio while I do errands.
    Gardening for me is a great outlet.

  13. I love tea! The tea link you shared has the nicest teas! Thank you for sharing it!


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