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{favorite things} Ancient Greek Sandals

  Friday, September 4, 2020 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:, 

When I say Ancient Greek Sandals are my favorite sandal brand you know I mean it. There are 152 posts tagged with Ancient Greek Sandals on the blog. If we weren't in the middle of a pandemic right now I'm sure they would have been featured at least once a week since the warmer weather arrived.  I posted a (now inaccurate) photo of my sandals on Instagram in July but have since added 2 new pairs to the collection.


I first featured them as a "favorite thing" in summer 2013 after I bought my first pair - their iconic Ikaria winged sandal - earlier that month. I posted about them a few months previously in a Shopbop sale post that is now broken, ha ha. I did try to buy a pair then but they didn't fit. Back then Ancient Greek Sandals only came in a few styles and colors. They have since expanded into a plethora of colors, materials and styles. I wish I could buy them all, but I'll settle for my already too big collection of ELEVEN.


Founded in 2011 by Christina Martini and Nikolas Minoglou, Ancient Greek Sandals are handmade in Greece using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries. They are inspired by ancient Greek Gods and myths, pottery, jewellery and sculpture. One of my favorite things about the brand is their adorable wing buckles that appear on almost every pair.  I'm also kicking myself for not buying some cute accessories at their flagship store in Athens. (I was trying to behave and not spend too much money, ha ha!)

I used to only allow myself to buy 1 pair a year but that kind of went out the window the past couple years. I bought two pairs on our honeymoon in Greece last September and have bought THREE so far this year, whoops! To be fair, I used a gift card and advertising money from the blog to buy all three pairs (plus they were all on sale) so I don't feel too horrible. And I skipped buying new pairs in 2017 and 2018, ha ha.

Here's a look at my current collection. Some pairs have literally been all over the world with me so they definitely show signs of wear now. Luckily you can't tell in these photos.


Ikaria in Natural - bought June 2013

Beach Days

Athena in Terracotta - bought February 2014

Saturday in the Park

Astrapi in Natural Metallic (Net-a-Porter Exclusive) - bought June 2014

Monochromatic Blue in a Sea of Green

Clio in Marine - bought May 2015

Those Hard to Find Basics

Alethea in Perforated Black - bought in Santorini April 2015

Windblown in Venice

Athanasia in Croc - bought April 2016

Into the Wild

AGS x Gas Bijoi Stephanie Charms in Natural with Red - bought in Santorini September 2019

Grocery Store Chic

Apteros in Crosta Wine - bought in Athens September 2019

Dainty Pinky Rings in the Summer Heat

Clara in White - bought March 2020

Introducing the Stella McCartney Wild Cat Skinny Jeans

Faye in Brown (Net-a-Porter Exclusive) - bought August 2020 

Clio in Leopard - bought August 2020

Thrifted Safari Print Dress

*This post is NOT sponsored, I just love the Ancient Greek Sandals. Although, I wouldn't say no to a partnership with them...wink wink*

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  1. I love every single pair of these - I really like the little nods to mythology that they incorporate into some of the styles. And they look so comfy.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. They are all so cute so I can see why you keep buying them! it's nice when you find a brand that works for you, even better when you can score it on sale! :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  3. The first time i heard of this brand was through you.
    The hold up so well, they all look is superb shape - I don't think I had seen the red ones, love the bright color.

  4. The winged sandals will always be a favorite, and the little wing buckle is the kind of detail that really makes a piece special. You can never have too many pairs of shoes, right?


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