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{recap} Wardrobe Update - August

  Friday, August 28, 2020 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,, 

As you may recall, earlier this month I did a post featuring AUrate jewelry. Those were my first closet additions this month.  I also finally bought sandals from the Net-a-Porter sale. I was waiting for the end of the sale because they usually have a 15 or 20% off coupon at the end. I waited until the last day and sadly they did not do a coupon this time. So I bought them at their sale prices of 60% off using some side hustle money. 


Originally I was just going to get the embellished sandal, since they were super fun and my middle name (and my late Grandmother's) is Faye. But then I saw the leopard print ones for $74 and couldn't resist. So I broke my rule of 1 pair of Ancient Greek Sandals per year and have bought three this year, OOPS! But I didn't use "real" money for any of them, so it's fine, haha!


At the end of the month I was perusing my Shopbop wish list & sale section and noticed a sweater I have had on my wishlist for over a year was up to 70% off and they only had 1 left in stock (it's still for sale on the brand's website.) There was a bit of a snafu with a free reward I was supposed to get so they offered me 15% more off! Plus I used my partnership money so it was free.  


I also bought a couple Disney things with a gift card before my Annual Pass expired. One was a super cute light sweatshirt that I thought would be perfect for evenings in the parks or hanging out at home. The other was a couple state themed shirts, one for me (Connecticut) and one for Christian (Missouri.) Figured I would force him into wearing matching shirts on our next trip - whenever that may be. For those that don't know we had to cancel our May trip due to the virus. Back then I had re-booked a trip for November and December hoping we'd be okay. It's not looking good. I also have a THIRD trip booked for next May, REALLY hoping things are better by then. Thank goodness for free hotel cancellation, haha.


Patience pays off more often than you think. All the (non-Disney) items I bought this month could have been purchased over a year ago, but I waited for sales and extra discounts which saved me quite a bit of money. ($679.12 to be exact! Not that I ever would have bought the sweater full price)

THE (modified) RULES

  1. Be mindful of purchases 
  2. Quality over quantity
  3. Basics are best

  1. FARM Rio Amazonian Ombre Mini Wrap Dress c/o Shopbop ($127.50, retail $170)
  2. Burberry beaded owl sweater via eBay ($75, retail $2950 in 2012)
  3. Stella McCartney Wild Cat Skinny Ankle Jeans via eBay ($15 after ad money, retail $735)
  4. Ba&sh "Perla" dress in Green Light c/o Shopbop ($236.25, retail $630)
  5. *NEW!* Nili Lotan Cashmere Abbey Sweater c/o Shopbop ($133.88, retail $525) 
  6. *NEW!* Mickey Mouse Football Jersey in purple ($28, used gift card)
  7. *NEW!* Disney State Fair Connecticut Tee ($17.47, used gift card)

  1. J Brand 811 Mid Rise Skinny Leg Jean in Moral ($0 after $25 credit & ad money, retail $228)
  2. Madewell Camp Shorts in Faded Rosebud c/o Shopbop ($35, retail $50)

  1. Ancient Greek Sandals 'Clara' Sandal c/o Shopbop ($221.25, retail $295)
  2. Sperry Rio Aqua Slip-On Sneaker ($14.83 via DSW, retail $64.99) 
  3. *NEW!* Ancient Greek Sandals 'Faye' embellished leather sandals via Net-a-Porter Sale ($112, retail $289, used side hustle money)
  4. *NEW!* Ancient Greek Sandals 'Clio' leopard-print leather slingback sandals via Net-a-Porter Sale ($74, retail $185, used side hustle money)


  1. Ray Ban 'Erika' Sunglasses in Havana c/o Shopbop (retail $163)
  2. Madewell Medium Slim Saddle Bag c/o Shopbop ($118.50, retail $158)
  3. Shashi Princess Leia Necklace c/o Shopbop ($55)

  1. SPANX Look At Me Now Seamless Leggings in Indigo Leopard c/o Shopbop ($68)

Gifted from Brands:
  1. AUrate Pearl Studs in Rose Gold (retail $150)
  2. AUrate Medium Chain Bracelet in Rose Gold (retail $50)
  3. *NEW!* AUrate Gold Twist Huggie Earrings (retail $80)
  4. *NEW!* AUrate Stackable Twist Ring (retail $80)
  5. *NEW!* AUrate Mini Infinity Ring (retail $70)

Total spent in August: $0

Total spent in 2020: $104.83

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  1. You did well and got some cute things this month! I really like the leopard print knit! How fun :) And the sandals were bargains! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  2. We love what we love, that is all I have to say about the sandals!
    And I'm sure the sweater is going to be a great piece for the fall and winter, plus cashmere is always worth a little splurge.
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Loving the color scheme! I don't think I could have resisted those leopard print sandals either. It's amazing how much you can save when you track items and wait for just the right time, I'm unfortunately more of an impulse shopper lol


  4. Such fun additions, I love the CT-themed tee!
    xo Annie,

  5. You continue being sooo disciplined! You picked up some cool items.


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