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{gift guide} Gifts for A Distanced Holiday Season

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The holidays may look a little different this year but that doesn't mean we can't still give to those we love - or get ourselves a few frivolous things. I won't judge (I do it too!) Even if it's a drop-off on their porch or shipping directly to them, you can show your loved ones you're thinking about them!


For the Home

If you're looking for women-owned businesses to support, rockflowerpaper is a great option to check out! I'm very into gifting household items this year instead of clothes and, luckily for me, they have a great selection of both home goods and clothes/accessories!


rockflowerpaper has quite a few Winter-themed serving trays that I'm considering as gifts (and for myself, obviously!) How adorable is this Winter Stags tray I bought with a gift card!? Might have to buy a plate hanger to showcase it on the wall instead of covering it with treats. Or I'll just leave it like this on our dining room table (without the succulents.) That's also what makes trays great gifts, so many ways to use them.


They also have a collection of ceramic pots with succulents! I have a thing for cute little succulents so you better believe I added some to my cart for the living room (and one for my Grandma too!)


Earlier this week rockflowerpaper started their Black Friday sale! You can get 20% off of $50, 30% off of $100 and 40% off of $150 orders. (not including succulents)


Handmade Gifts


Since I'm doing most of my holiday gift shopping online I'm trying to avoid the "major" stores and shopping small. I do a Secret Santa every year with my siblings/their partners and browsed etsy last month for my gift and found lots of fun options. I can't tell you what I got since it would give away the secret, but I used a few different sellers to make the perfect gift! Jewelry from etsy is also a popular choice and I've gifted many etsy-ordered necklaces in my day!


The Gift of Food


Another fun option for gifting this year is a week of meal delivery services! That way your loved one can have a fun meal without leaving the house! My brother bought my Mom a week of Blue Apron years ago and it was such a great gift. There are a ton different options too. I have personally used Blue Apron, HelloFresh and EveryPlate and enjoyed them all! You get the most bang for your buck at EveryPlate ($59 for 5 meals) but I find Blue Apron's meals ($59 for 3 meals) more adventurous.


To make it even more fun you can coordinate a week to get the same meals and make them together over FaceTime/Zoom/whatever video service you prefer. It's like date night for a family member or friend!


Who doesn't love a gift made especially for them? Stealing another idea from family - my Mom made a photo calendar for my Grandma one year that had all our important family dates in it - birthdays, anniversaries and even puppy birthdays. She has twelve grandchildren so Mom made each month a photo collage of a different grandchild. 


You could also go another route and make a recipe or photo book, both of which I have received as gifts and loved! Knowing someone took the time to create something just for you makes it all the more special. You can use sites such as Snapfish and Shutterfly for these! (I always check who has a better coupon at the moment.)

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  1. I think the photo books are always good gifts! We have gotten a bit behind with them but they were helpful for capturing memories and having them printed, as the kids grow so fast!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :) It's a hot one here!

    Away From The Blue

  2. These are all such sweet ideas! I love the idea to do a week of a meal service!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  3. I love the idea of handmade gifts. Etsy is full of so many cute gift ideas.

  4. I love the serving tray! These are brilliant suggestions. I'm shopping all my gifts online this season and having them sent directly to my family and friends.

  5. These are all such great ideas! I especially like the serving trays. I think those will be great to get this season! Thanks for the inspo!

  6. Such great suggestions! I am also trying to shop local and small this year, and it's definitely more fun looking into different businesses! I love that serving tray! Will have to check out rockflowerpaper!



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