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{food} What I've Been Baking - Part 9

  Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:, 


I haven't been doing many new recipes lately, but I've still been baking at least twice a month. Not in the height of my "one recipe a weekend" groove from lockdown but good to still be in the habit of making something instead of being on my computer or watching TV all day.  I did make a couple new things for Christmas celebrations which was fun!


Orange Bundt Cake with Chocolate Glaze

Christian came up with the idea of doing a chocolate and orange cake for Christmas Eve so I found a  few recipes and this is the one we ultimately went with. Plus we were able to use the new bundt cake pan I bought with a gift card! It was a big hit, I wish I could've eaten the whole thing myself. We followed the recipe above but made our candied orange peel with strips rather than chunks.

Pull Apart Christmas Tree Garlic Bread

The second I saw this on Tieghan's instagram I wanted to make it for another small Christmas gathering! I accidentally overcooked the tree because I got a phone call and forgot to check on it a couple minutes before the timer went off. Luckily it didn't ruin it but it's a little darker than I wanted. We also made a wreath-type thing with the leftover dough after making out tree/triangle.

Cinnamon Bread - A Redo!

The first time I made this it came out very flat because my loaf pan was slightly too big. This time I doubled the recipe and quadrupled the cinnamon filling. Sooooo much better looking and more cinnamony! A really fun treat to make so I'm sure I'll make this again and again.


Brown Sugar Maple Cookie Pie

Christian and I made this pie for our family Thanksgiving. I saw it on Tieghan's instagram and knew I HAD to make it (this seems to be a theme with everything she makes!) We even made our own crust for this one instead of using store bought like we did for the last pie we made. It came out really good, nice and molten with chocolate and browned butter and maple...YUMM!

Brown Sugar Maple Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

 Another recipe I remade. This time it was for a family get together since no one but Christian and I got to enjoy these bars last year (darn Covid!)  So delicious and perfect for Fall/the Holidays.



I've featured stromboli in these posts a few times before but this is yet another recipe for the dough. I'm still not sure which I like best, I think I need to make each of them in the same week so Christian and I can better decide which dough we prefer.Normally it's a week or two between strombolis so we can't really judge.


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