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{recap} Wardrobe Update - February

  Monday, February 28, 2022 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,, 

Another light fashion spend month. But I did splurge on a new Kitchenaid mixer. I’ve been using my Mom’s old KitchenAid since we moved into our house in 2018. I love it, and it was great, but it's gray. I’ve always dreamed of having a super fun color, preferably purple, so I was on the hunt for the Boysenberry, Plumberry or Bordeaux. They were never in stock or $800+ on eBay. I finally gave up and ordered a pretty Blue Velvet from Bed Bath and Beyond because I had a 30% off coupon. Ordered on Feb 1 with a delivery of Feb 3-4 - SOLD! We got to Feb 11th and it still hadn’t shipped. It must have been fate because on the 10th KitchenAid announced their color of the year - BEETROOT! The purple I'd been searching for. So I bought it, even though I had to pay full price. To me it was worth the extra cost over 10+ years to have the color I really really want.

I've been wanting to get another sweater from mīere the label, a company founded by my friend Jamie, for a while. The brand is mainly children's clothes but she has a few matching pieces for women. She recently offered some samples/returns for lower than retail. I used that as an excuse to purchase. Since she's in Australia, I have to take the more expensive shipping fees into account. The lower price ($45AUD) + shipping made the sweater the sale price (non-samples were on sale for $70 from $115.) I originally had 3 items in my cart, but the shipping would have been $99AUD ($71USD) which basically doubled the cost of my order. I limited myself to one since I'm trying to behave with purchases. I've still got my eyes on this lounge set in charcoal.


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  1. NEW! mīere the label "Frankie" knit sweater in Faded Black ($56.92, $32.15 if we omit shipping)



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  1. I really like that knit! And I'm surprised the sale price is so affordable as it's coming into autumn here - a piece like that would be worn a lot. I'm tempted to get one at that price but I'll resist as I did a little shopping this week, haha!

    Hope that your week is off to a good start! The flood waters have gone down here so we are no longer flooded in which is awesome :)

    Away From The Blue


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