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{food} Valentine's Day at Home with Wildgrain

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Christian and I are not huge on Valentine's Day, but we do buy cute cards and make sure to have a delicious meal to celebrate. When Valentine's Day is during the week that usually means I make one of our favorite meals or we grab takeout. I'm always up for trying new things, so this year we're including some delicious treats from Wildgrain


Wildgrain offers an artisanal bread subscription box ($89 + free shipping) for you to liven up meals at home. They are the first bake-from-frozen delivery service for breads, pastries and pasta! And the best part? Everything is made by small-batch bakers and pasta makers across the country so you'll be supporting small businesses. Each month you'll get a delicious selection of goodies to keep in your freezer until you are ready to enjoy them.  


One of our usual date night spots is a fancy Italian restaurant so I decided to recreate that experience at home with help from the items in our Wildgrain box. I started by baking the sourdough spelt loaf right out of the freezer - it only took 24 minutes. This was my first time having spelt bread and it was very good. I couldn't see a huge different between regular flour, but it definitely had the sourdough flavor.  I had only recently heard of spelt, thanks to the Great British Bake Off. Spelt is an ancient grain that was one of the first species of wheat used to make bread. Wildgrain bakers also use wild yeast meaning making these crusty loaves can take days from start-to-finish. A labor of love that you can see, feel and taste! We enjoyed the bread with butter and pesto, yum!


Our main course used fresh tonnarelli pasta. Since it's a special occasion I decided to make shrimp scampi, such a simple dish but feels very fancy. Or is that just me? Anyway, I made a sauce with butter, olive oil, garlic and chicken broth before adding in the shrimp, some red pepper flakes and finishing it off with lemon juice and parsley. Delish! 



Our meal ended with two ooey gooey giant chocolate chunk cookies. They were loooooaded with chocolate, my favorite kind of cookie. I under-baked them just a little so they were nice and soft and full of chocolate flavor.


We can't wait to try the rest of our box! There's still a plain sourdough loaf, fettuccine, 4 croissants, 2 more cookies and a cranberry-pecan loaf (so excited for this!) Plus we still have 2 more portions of tonnarelli pasta in the freezer. So much food!

Wildgrain is a great way to get homemade sourdough without all the effort. I love making bread, but I am far too lazy for sourdough. There is so much that goes into the process that I don't have the patience for. I also haven't mastered shaping my non-sourdough doughs yet. Maybe one day I'll get the hang of it! But for now, I have Wildgrain to provide tasty, crusty, delicious bread that I just have to pull out of the freezer and bake!



February boxes can include a sourdough loaf, rosemary garlic sourdough loaf (YUM!,) fettuccine pasta, english muffins, cherry pie bites and more! The Mixed Wildgrain Box includes sourdough bread, hand-cut pasta, and artisanal pastries. The Bakery Box includes breakfast baked goods, sourdough bread, and artisanal pastries. The subscription works much like other meal delivery service. You order your box, it's delivered for free each month and you can pause, adjust frequency or cancel at any time. Rescheduling your delivery is also possible if you'll be away. They even warn you 4 days before you will be charged in case you forget to skip a month. Right now you can receive four free croissants with each box (for the life of your membership.)

We all know I love a brand that gives back, and for every new Wildgrain member, 6 meals are donated to The Greater Boston Food Bank. Over 120,000 meals have been donated so far! If you'd like to try out Wildgrain, use code MEGB10OFF for $10 off your first box!



*This post was made in partnership with Apogee Agency. All opinions on the product are my own and have not been influenced by this sponsorship. Thank you for supporting brands I feature* #WildgrainFebruary #sponsored

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  1. Wow! That looks so good. I love sourdough bread, this is right up my alley.

  2. Loveee sourdough. And cookies look phenomenal.

  3. Whoa - fresh baked sourdough from the home freezer sounds like an absolute dream!

  4. The garlic sourdough bread is delicious, it only takes you 20 minutes to make it, and your pasta with lots of prawns looks delicious


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