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{food} What I've Been Baking - Part 21

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Here we are with another baking roundup! We've got a mix of fruity and chocolatey recipes this time around. Now that Summer is here I may try out more light recipes that I usually gravitate toward. My two favorite bakes of this roundup are the strawberry bundt cake and m&m brownies. YUMMM.

Glazed Lemon Cookies

These glazed lemon cookies were Handle the Heat's May baking challenge. I had bought some lemons to make her lemon pound cake for my niece's graduation party and this recipe was perfect for using the rest of the lemons. I made them at my in-laws house so I didn't have all my usual tools, always funny baking in someone else's home, nothing ever comes out how you're used to. So while they aren't the prettiest/most round, they were delicious. I will definitely make these again for my lemon loving husband.


Coconut Brownies 

We have a bunch of shredded coconut and rather than make coconut chocolate chip blondies again I decided to search for a coconut brownie recipe. I want to make homemade mounds next but we didn't have sweetened condensed milk. I wanted something fast with what we had on hand. I trusted the google gods and used the first recipe that popped up from a blog I had never read. Luckily, they came out great! Anyone else have a fun coconut recipe they like? Nothing super tropical (hence my issue with using up what we have, there's only a few recipes so far that have been easy/with ingredients I have already.) I might try lamington at some point too, they're always so tasty when I have them at EPCOT food festivals!


Chewy M&M Brownies

These have been on my list to make for a while but it took me forever to buy the M&Ms because they are just so darn expensive now! I couldn't stop thinking about them so I finally bought some after our trip to Missouri. They are definitely the most expensive brownies I've ever made, the MINIs cost almost as much as the big bag of regular M&Ms because I didn't want to spend $7 on a big bag of the minis, haha. But they came out of the oven and I actually gasped because they looked and smelled so good!


Mounds are one of my favorite candies so I finally made some homemade. I deviated a bit from this recipe and did it by feel for when I thought there was enough coconut to sweetened condensed milk ratio. I was in a bit of a rush coating them so they are NOT the prettiest, but they tasted good! I used Bob's Red Mill coconut and Ghiradelli dark chocolate wafers for coating.

Strawberry Bundt Cake

My sister invited my siblings and I over for a last minute Memorial Day BBQ so I decided to finally make this cake I've had saved for a while. It was very easy to make, but a lot of dishes to clean since you have to puree strawberries for the cake AND freeze dried strawberries for the icing. But for a special occasion it's definitely worth all the cleaning. The cake was a hit at our get together with multiple people having more than one slice.


Brown Butter Blueberry Muffins

This is my second time making these and I did it slightly different from the first time. To begin with, I used frozen wild blueberries instead of normal sized because I prefer them small. The first time I made these I followed the tip to chill the batter for 8 hours before baking and added the blueberries after. It was really hard for me to add in the blueberries because the batter was a little too firm so I decided to just add them in before the rest this time. I don't mind that it turned the batter blue, I actually think they're more fun that way! I also doubled the crumble on top because Christian and I love the crispy texture.

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