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Outfit Styling Requests

  Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 11:44 AM     
Want to suggest a Dress for Less segment? Just follow these easy steps and I'll get it done ASAP! Comment here or email aclosetfashionista-blog[at]yahoo[dot]com with the subject Dress For Less Request

UPDATE: I've decided to also offer general outfits too, a lot of people already request these, but I figured I would clarify that this doesn't HAVE to be a Dress for Less, it can just be a "Dress Me". The same rules will apply.

In the comment/email please include:
  1. Your budget
  2. What stores I can use
  3. Starting item (what you want me to base the look off of), if any
  4. Anything else (what style you like; colors, pieces of clothing, etc.)
If anything is left out I will assume that part doesn't matter to your request and I'll do whatever.

Completed Requests:
  1. July Wedding 
  2. Beach Look  
  3. The Denim Issue 
  4. Donna Karan Bag 
  5. The Gladiator 
  6. The Birkin 
  7. The Crop Pant  
  8. Autumn Activities  
  9. The Boyfriend Blazer  
  10. L.A.M.B. Sandals 
  11. Tights 
  12. Blue Trousers
  13. Outfit Using Tights from Above
  14. Knee/Thigh High Socks
  15. Mustard Trench/Cardigan 
  16. Alexa Chung for Madewell
  17. Belle Sigerson Morrison Flats
  18. Jeffrey Campbells
  19. Victoria's Secret Jacket
  20. Coloring with the Boys
  21. First Day at Uni  
  22. After the Wedding
  23. Free People Skirt as Dress 
  24. Cropped Pullover
  25. Red Jason Wu Dress
  26. 20s Lace Dress
  27. Valentine's Day


  1. Im looking for something to wear to a wedding in July. I need something fun and sexy. Its an evening wedding. Budget is under $40.00 Use whatever stores you like. Shoes do not have to be included. Good Luck!

  2. hi! well, i'm from the netherlands and i don't usually buy stuff on the internet so i am wondering if you could make a dress for less in euros for me?? well for this summer i want the perfect beachlook, but the problem is a can't find the perfect bikini! Budget is under 35 euros. you can use whatever stores you like.

    Hope you find something for me!
    p.s. My English isn't very well, i'm sorry.

  3. hi! im looking for something to wear with these jeans:

    in case you cant tell, the detail is in blue.
    I live in the USA btw.
    okay well, thanks!!

  4. Can you pls help me find the Birkin bag for much less than it is? I've been on the hunt for the bag for way too long and i hope you can help out.

  5. hahaha a similar bag.
    girl, u know i can't afford the real one lol

  6. Hey :).

    Might you find an autumn outfit for me which I can wear even if it's a bit colder ... for school ... shopping ... meeting friends, you know :)?!
    If possible it would be great if you can look at European shops cause I live in Germany, but if nothing else helps I suppose shops in the US would work too :). My budged is 100€ (or 130$).
    I would love to have an outfit fitting to my bag:
    I'm open to any colours and styles, but I am a little chubby so I suppose I won't look good in too tight clothes or in tights with too short tops :D.
    Thank you :D.

  7. I would love some help on something hun... I'm still in search of a beautiful classic boyfriend blazer. Would a hundred dollars do? Canadian! =)

    thank you,

  8. I would love to see where else I can find those suspender type tights that Topshop are really selling. You can use any types of stores and my budget would be $20 USD or under, it's just Topshop is a bit expensive when you add in the shipping as I live in the US.

  9. OOppps...just sent my request through your email.....

  10. Hi Babe,

    I really hope this won't take too much of your time but I'd love for you to find me this one fashion item I've been wanting for months. I'd love to have a mustard-coloured Trench Coat and/or Cardi! I saw one at Land's End but last time I checked, it was sold out!

    Would 80 dollars do? Yup, Canadian please!

    love lots,


  11. How about the black velvet Alexa Chung for Madewell dress with the Peter Pan collar? For under $100. And it doesn't matter if it's black, or even if it's too similar, but a velvet dress with a vintagey collar... ; D

  12. Hmmm, I'd like to see some Jeffrey Campbell alternatives for under $100!

  13. I love this! I am your newest follower. I would like you to create a cute but practical mom look with lots of color. I am a mom of two boys facing the challenge of daily looking cute, but also being able to play with my boys. I can shop at h&m, zara, mango and other random european shops. But as super cheap as possible! Thanks!

  14. Hi, I'm looking for a dress for less for my wedding/honeymoon going away outfit. I need a cute ensamble for leaving the wedding hotel/driving to london/plane ride/arrival in Orlando for my honeymoon!

    It needs to be comfortable but I also need to make a bit of an effort for my new hubby! I'll need something to keep me warm if the UK weather takes a turn but also adaptable to the florida sunshine when I arrive!

    I am looking to spend about £50 and willing to shop online or uk stores. No colours are out and was thinking some kind of a dress as a starting point!


  15. Heyyy, are you still doing these? ; )

    I really want this sweater, but it's sold out.

    Or basically, I want a grey, pullover cropped sweater (it has to be cropped as a lot of my dresses are high waisted). It doesn't have to be cheaper, well, not cheaper than the sale price, but if it's on the expensive side I want it to be made out of some reasonable material... like wool!

    Hehe, sorry for being so specific. ; )


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