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Closet-Worthy: Wedges

  Monday, May 17, 2010 at 7:57 PM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,, 
I am OBSESSED with wedges, if I had the money I would buy TONS, they make you taller and they are easy to walk in.  So here are some designer wedges I'm lusting for.
And here are some cheaper ones that I still won't get because of my cheapo ways.

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  1. LOVE the third pair.

  2. I like the green wedge. you're right wedges makes you taller and somehow makes your legs look so slim. Easy to walk with too.

  3. I like the green ones too, and the Choos before!

  4. wow i'm obsessed with wedges too !

  5. Love wedges love this post <3

  6. Wedges rock!! Lovin your picks! Great blog, I'm going to follow. Check mine out? I'm doing a give-away. xo-karrie

  7. I need one like that i don't have any wedge yet shame on me but i love it i'll buy one i think a brown or a grey one soory for my english i hope you understand ;-)

  8. Your English is great...and yea brown and grey are good choices :D
    Wooohoo wedges! :D


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