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Bangin' Bargains: Get a Free Bag!

  Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 8:44 PM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:, 
I found a pretty fun bargain today, but sadly I'm still too much of a cheapo to actually do it. So this store, BagsOK, is having a promotion for 1 FREE bag per person until the 20th of May. The catch is you have to pay for shipping, which is where my cheapness came in, even though its only about $9.99 (it said $12.90 for where I live.) Here are the choices, some have additional colors. (I love the 1st one, might break down & get it)
I'm not sure how the quality is, but at this price does it matter? If you get one post which one you get!

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  1. i love the bags you've posted here!:)

  2. Woah, i'm guessing the quality is ok because all the other bags on their site are not dirt cheap or anything

  3. ooooh that one with the red hearts is so nice :D i could wear one of that!!! :D
    xoxo from Brazil

  4. The first one is my favourite :)

  5. YEa I thought the same thing pixelhazard, and even if they only last a few times its still a pretty good deal XD

  6. These bags are fabulous. What a great deal!!

  7. Meg, you are a terrible influence. =p

    I'm debating getting the crocodile (in red) or the red tote.

  8. i love the red petal bag, but how can this be possible??? i just find it crazy that its free (plus shipping!) has anyone ordered this?

  9. Apparently they are doing it because they have been doing so well lately and want to reward their customers, hehe.
    I still haven't done it, trying to resist


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