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The Reveal

  Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 8:15 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,, 
I can't hold you all in suspense any longer, so here is the reveal of the items I posted yesterday! A few people guessed some stuff right, so yay for you! I didn't think people would actually like the post, glad I went through with it, haha.  I can't remember prices for most of them, so I guessed.  Be prepared to see these pieces a lot!

American Eagle Sweater ($20?): I got this a few years ago and it has gotten lots of use. It is sooo comfortable, and its my favorite color ;)
Charlotte Russe Skirt ($20?) I got this to wear two Christmases ago and sadly it hasn't been worn since. But this year that will change when I pair it with tights and my awesome No.704b. booties!
Kelly and Katie Boots ($40?) I got these as a Christmas gift last year and I LOVE them.  They are very comfortable and can give dresses an edgier look!
Marc Jacobs Jacket ($80) This was one of my first designer "splurges" (even though it was way cheaper than retail). I had been looking for it for a few years since Emma Watson wore it in grey and finally found it in my size on eBay in 2006 so I scooped it up, it arrived 2 days before Christmas, so of course I wore it on Christmas.  I wear this SOO much, good thing velvet is one of the major trends this season!
Moschino Cheap & Chic Blazer ($32) One of the items you guys have seen on the blog already but I haven't worn it yet.  I am so excited to pair this with dresses, jeans, and whatever else I fancy! (Someone on eBay is trying to get it from me, but I won't take them up on their offer unless they are willing to pay A LOT more than I paid ;) ) I can't wait to wear this!
Theory Dress ($29) My most recent purchase and definitely a bargain!  I am going to wear this to work alot even though it is a bit dressy. Everyone at work already knows I'm a fashion geek so they are used to weird pieces. So I figure why not just wear whatever I want since they think I'm coocoo already.
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  1. Don't worry, everyone that I work with thinks that I'm cuckoo, too! I either:
    a)look like I just rolled out of bed (because I usually did- I am NOT a morning person)
    b)am wearing crazier colors or patterns than my two-decades-older or more co-workers

    I think they just chalk it up to my youth. I sure hope they don't chalk it up to crazy.

    I love the textures and patterns and colors of these clothes. I love your wardrobe! Those boots are pretty much to die for, too. They could toughen up anything but in a schmexy way, not manly.

  2. I love the Theory dress.
    Where did you find it for so little??

  3. Heyyyyyy....nice skirt! funny was that? what are the chances we both has the same exact lonely never worn skirt?? hahaha...I actually had to pin my sliding belt thingy because it wont stay "put"......I havent worn mine in forever either.....we should coordinate the skirt day and wear them on the same say...seriously, it would be fun to see how we both style them:) Ill send peeps here after they see mine and you send them my way from here, hahahaha!!!

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  4. i adore that moschino blazer!

  5. wooot. got the boots right on! haha

  6. Such a cute sweater, and Love Love Love the Marc Jacobs blazer.


  7. Ohhh,I can't believe I guessed a jacket rather than boots! Silly me.

  8. Really cool blog!

    x, Mikaela

  9. Cute pieces. I love the Marc Jacobs jacket.


  10. I love the sweater and the studded boots! Great pieces : )

  11. wow cool i thought that skirt pattern was actually a bag! Love this idea so cool! I might have to copy ;) jk but you gave me a different idea!!

    xoxo, jaz

  12. love your sense of fashion! check out on my blog, you will love it! follow if you please, i`ll return the favor! xoxo

  13. love the jacket!

  14. Haha everyone in my office always comments on my clothes too. L-O-V-E those boots!

  15. Love the marc jacobs jacket. Its nice to see your using older clothes still. All the popular bloggers never seem to wear items that are more then a year old or at least it seems that way. Its sad.


  16. Those boots and that velvet jacket are just AMAZING!! :)SarahD

  17. Great pieces - cant wait to see all the outfits you come up with :)

  18. amazing pieces! of course i love that marc blazer ;) anddd the moschino jacket is love! i'd be excited to wear these tooo!

  19. It's something about that Moschino blazer that is so cute!

    funny post-

  20. Love the Theory dress. I'm a sucker for tiered ruffles.

  21. The Marc Jacobs blazer is so beautiful, what a great deal you got!

  22. Gosh that's nice stuff. The blazers are definitely my favorite- velvet and metallic thread is so unique! I live in a pair of plain KatieKelly boots too, they are so cheap but mine weren't so discounted. I have to get as good as you as finding deals!

    And F21 sucks for doing that to you. I don't buy from there much because everything fell apart too fast but when I did I was always extremely unimpressed with their customer service. And the few times I've gone to the one near me for my sister the staff were all so mean, ugh!

  23. OH MY GOSH that Marc Jacobs jacket.. that is seriously perfect. Gimme gimme. :D!!

  24. I used to own that Marc Jacobs velvet jacket! I LOVED it when I wore it, but it became too small after I went to college haha.

  25. Love the blazer and the Theory dress! :)

  26. I love the skirt and the boots!

    Making clouds,

  27. Kind of love that velvet blazer!

    Love Grace.

  28. I cant wait to see how you style the skirt -- its so cute and definitely needs to come out more!

  29. that Moschino blazer is lovely. I adore it :))

  30. Hehe, I like your justification of dressing weird! And that velvet blazer is damn sweet!


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