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  Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 1:15 PM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:, 
If only the title of my post was true, but I was listening to that song by Hall & Oates (listen) before writing this post and I thought it fit since I'm talking about money ;) I was a bad girl on Thursday and ordered from Urban Outfitters.  I had a reason though, they were having a sale, and I had a code for free shipping and another for 10% off. (those coupons expired on the 30th sadly)

I found a top that could possibly replace my dead Simply Vera top, if it fits correctly. I got an XS hoping it would be a bit tighter than shown in the photo because I don't really want it to be that big. It was $13.49 after all the discounts and I had $17 to spend (since my mom returned the Vera top).  So I decided I might as well peruse the rest of the site since I still had over $50 left in my budget for the month and it was the last day of the month.  I should have resisted, but I'm a shopaholic ;)

When I shop I have a system, but it probably works against me since it makes me want to spend more money.  I go through every section (only the sale section at UO since they are expensive) and add EVERYTHING I like to my cart.  Then when I am all done I go to my cart and start narrowing things down until I see a total I like ;)  I bought two cute t-shirts with the shirt on the left.  One was $8.99, the other $13.49.  My total ended up being $35.97, but then take away $17 and you're left with $18.97, so pretty good deal for 3 items (would have been $86 if it was all normal priced)!  I love my bargain shopping ways.  Now hopefully it all fits so I don't have to return anything.
I was also tempted to get these, but I resisted, if the price was over $30 I didn't even bother :p

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  1. C'est un short clouté sur la 1ere photo ? Si c'est sa, il est mortel ! ^^
    x Yu'

  2. Anything good from Urban this season? I occasionally look through their website, but not often, because I know I can never afford anything. I love going into the Urban in Philadelphia, its like four floors - I could spend hours in there!

  3. I like the shirts that you bought! Hope they will fit and you don't have to returnthem!


  4. oh too bad! those three last are just amazing!! specially the grey dress! : )
    But that's the fact for some of us...sometimes we have to just pick some and dream with the others : (

  5. I try to stay under 20 dollars for one item, but even 20 feels like alot on one shirt. I do like the grey dress though!

  6. waaauw so cool :D I just did a similar post too (and I also can't afford the clothes I put on my blog :D), come look at it if you like :)

    great blog btw, glad I found you :)


  7. wow.. lovely blouses..!!
    cnt afford them too.! :(
    following your fabulous blog.
    follow back please.

  8. Love the little teal number:)

    Enter my F21 Giftcard Giveaway!!
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  9. I love how disciplined you are -- and your picks are great, I hope they all fit the way your expect!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. How are you finding the humidity? It's better today but the last week was so awful! I've only lived here for about four years now and the humidity is something I've never gotten used to - it makes my hair do the most bizarre things!

  11. Good for you. I'm kind of using a similar system with my apartment hunting this week, but unfortunately, I just lost out on an expensive one that I would have loved. Will have to dig deep this year I think. Which means fewer pretty things. Sigh.

  12. I REALLY love that grey dress at the bottom! I heart shop it to me!

  13. i adore have a soft spot for UO,
    some great items here!

  14. That gray dress has my name written all over it. Love urban, even if my wallet doesn't.

  15. Great buys! That's funny - I shop that same way on the UO site! Always the sale section only, and I too narrow things down after adding everything with potential in my cart. There are always such great deals to be had at

  16. I'm such a shopaholic too and just made a big order at Asos because I had a discount code! I really love that grey dress btw x Sushi

  17. that grey pleated dress is so pretty! =)

  18. I thought that song was something else until I listened to it---now I like this one too!

  19. Yay for being a bargain shopper! I love Urban Outfitters. I haven't purchased anything from them since January.

  20. ooh those dresses are very cute
    and you did good on your buys girl =)


  21. I think you made some good choices, and I'm going to tell you that it's okay to be a shopaholic.
    because I have yet to divulge the activities of my weekend.

    Chic on the Cheap

  22. That is exactly the same process I go through on the UO site! For the most part, I only shop the sale pages, since their regular prices are really quite overpriced (IMHO). Plus, you can often find some great deals in their sale area.

    I love that multi-tiered teal top! I was browsing their site just recently because of their fall sale but didn't buy anything. I might have to go back and take a second look!


  23. Great choices love your process for narrowing stuff down! love the new purchases! HOPE THEY FIT! :)

    xoxo, jaz

  24. I think that first tee is totally kinda perfect in every way. Hope it all fits you properly!
    I usually open everything I like up in a new tab, then review, so... the same method as you pretty much!

  25. I think your method is pretty good. I did the same when topshop had that massive sale, worked a treat :)


  26. I went looking for a knitted top today, and my mom totally rejected cause it was 39 :(

    Such sweet stuff!

    Designing clouds,

  27. sales are the best thing ever!

  28. I love the grey shirt! They're all great buys.

  29. Good choices! I love those dresses too!


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