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Shopping Spree

  Saturday, October 9, 2010 at 5:26 PM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,, 
Outfit: Urban Outfitters top $13.49, American Eagle Jeans $14, Vintage Boots $12

I was going to post this tomorrow, but I'm just going to do it now and not have a post tomorrow :p

Today my mom and I went shopping for my birthday (which is Monday)! But before I get to that, my order from Urban Outfitters came on Thursday!! Sadly the top that I needed looked horrid so I had to return it. But the other two were very cute!  I wore one of them on the shopping trip today, I was to lazy to take a photo in the other one so you'll see it when I wear it (probably this week :p)

This shopping trip was good and very bad at the same time.  I just couldn't deal with spending all the money we spent (and it wasn't even that much)  I only got 2 things, a dress and a jacket.  I did get some tights (and some socks for my mom but that doesn't really count since I had gift cards and only paid $3)  Lots of explaining to come, so sorry for the text heavy post :p

Moving first I'll get the boring stuff out of the way. I had $20 for Nordstrom so at Nordstrom Rack I just got some maroon and brown tights and 6 pairs of socks for my mom (but I'm keeping the two black ones since she doesn't need them).  It should have been $22.88, but I paid $2.88.  If they were all normal price it would have been $54.  Now to the more exciting stuff, but the things that also made me sad....

First, we went to Century 21 and I found a few things to try on, if it was over $200 I didn't bother, which limited me.  In the end I tried on a McQ by Alexander McQueen dress and a Theory suit.  The suit was horrid and the dress looked great!  But it was 199.97, so I left it and we moved on to other stores.  We went to Nordstrom Rack and there wasn't much there.  Then we went into the Bloomingdale's outlet.  There were a ton of awesome things, but again...all too expensive.  There was a great DKNY purple jacket but it was $150 (but $15 off anything over $100). So I left that too...

FINALLY we went back to Century 21 and I was almost crying trying to decide if I should get the McQueen as my birthday gift (my mom said she would spend up to $180) in the end she was like "give it to me, you're going to be mad at yourself if you don't get it"  I'm really glad she did that because I do love it (just not the price).  So she bought that and I gave her $20. 

Then I figured, 'well since mom already spent a lot of money I might as well too', and we went to Bloomingdale's and I got the DKNY jacket.  BUT I figure it was really only $75 since I made $60 babysitting last night ;)  AND my grandma should be giving me $50 for my birthday, but I'll put that toward something else.

Okay, you have been in suspense long enough, here are the 2 beautiful new additions to my closet.

McQ by Alexander McQueen Dress
Normal: $470
Sale: $199.97
Mom Paid: $180
I Paid: $20
I think this is the most money I've ever spent on an item of clothing or gotten as a gift...ugh! XD
P.S. The Outnet has a sweater version of my dress ;) Get it here!   

Normal: $250
Sale: $149.99
Final: $134.99
After Babysitting Money: $75

Mom: $180
Me: $138
Me - Babysitting Money: $98

So if everything was going to be original price, with no giftcards (and my mom not buying the dress) I would have spent $774 YAOW!! So we saved $396.16 off retail pricing...yet still this was sooo much money XD You guys know (or do now) that I love expensive things but I HATE spending so much money on just feels wrong XD

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  1. Happy birtthday to you, yowza! Getting a wonderful dress and coat in one day!

  2. I totally sympathize with the anxiety caused by spending money (believe me) but it's your birthday (and you look hot as all get out in that McQueen dress) and we all deserve good things on our birthdays (plus it looks like you were super disciplined with all your other purchases) so I say be happy, let the spending worries fall away, and celebrate your brilliant shopping finds (and the fact that your mom sounds really sweet). Wow, that's a lot of brackets!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. Happy Birthday!

  3. The colour of that DKNY coat is just fabulous. Gorgeous dress, too! It fits you so well. Fantastic birthday pressies. :)SarahD

  4. Cute! I really like that jacket you got, the color is gorgeous. Great deal on the tights and socks, too.

    I can't remember if I already told you, but happy birthday!

  5. Ummm, OMG I can't believe you own something by McQueen! You look so lovely in this dress!

    I was almost crying trying to decide if I should get the McQueen as my birthday gift...

    I don't know if I have almost cried, but I've spent at least half an hour trying to decide if I should buy something or not. Terrible! Haha!

  6. Checking to see how much you saved is the best part of shopping, particularly bargain shopping :) I wish there was a Century 21 in Chicago!

    Both of those pieces are *fabulous* Think of all the things you can match with the McQ dress, I think it looks very versatile. Also, this is how I justify expensive things (you've probably heard it before): Divide how much it cost by how many times you'll wear it. The coat AND dress you could wear for years! So no biggie ;)

  7. Oh, I love the McQueen outfit!
    It looks so simple and stunning.

    Fishing in the clouds,

  8. Don't you love great deals? I sure do! I love the color of your new coat!

  9. Aww Happy Bday princess! Loving your finds and those vintage boots are a steal!


  10. wow u got some great things. I need to buy some new tights now that it's getting chilly!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Love the dress*
    Hugs from Spain:D

  13. Give a big kiss to mum for spending money is that dress..
    its well spent

  14. I'm glad your mom talked you into the dress. I'm like you,expensive taste, but not the wallet to back it up!

  15. Happy birthday for tomorrow - I hope that it's a lovely day!! The jacket your mum got you is so sweet (even if you had to put in some money too). The thing is, if you buy something exxy, it's generally really good quality and will last a lot longer than cheapies - so I'm sure that coat will last you several years!!

  16. Beautiful pieces! Happy Birthday :)

  17. Happy Birthday girl! It's always fun to indulge once in a while-- and it's your birthday!! Enjoy your new things and feel beautiful in them every second you wear them! :D

    Have a lovely weekend!

  18. Well, I think it's fine to do that once in a while! ; ) I once spent $200 on a dress, and though I certainly couldn't afford it and in retrospect think I was slightly insane to do so, I still love it to pieces (I only wear it about once every two years since it's a bit fancy, but anyway).

    And Happy Birthday!

  19. HAppy early BDay hunnie!! Great coat!!! Love the can so use that in tons of ways this it!!!

  20. Gosh honey, your dress is gorgeous! Love it!

  21. the dress deserves its price hahahaha really nice :)



  22. Happy Birthday, and that dress is amazing! Love the colour of the coat too:) x

  23. SWEET! Love it. :-)
    BEST regards from Sweden,
    Fashion Ranger

  24. Everything looks amazing on you!!! Lucky girl!

  25. By the way! Happy b-day!!!

  26. Happy birthday. I really love your dress.

  27. Love that coat! What a beautiful color! And that dress is fab..what a fun print!


  28. quite a spree! i love your purchases, and happy early birthday (:

  29. So happy you did end up getting the dress because it is gorgeous! It looks so great on you!

    Cute coat as well!

    xoxo, jaz

  30. Cute purchases! :)


  31. Stop feeling terrible! Your birthday is only once a year and you got some great stuff at discount! xx

  32. lovely items..
    love that dress and jacket..!!

  33. i love the uniqueness of the dress! :)

  34. That dress looks great on you! Happy birthday tomorrow!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  35. i love the color of that coat and your boots!!x

  36. Well you HAD to get that coat and dress, they look like they were actually made for you! And such a stunning color of the coat for you :)

  37. I am loving these outfits, especially the price you had to pay! Such a steal... Happy birthday!!


  38. Ah, happy birthday!!!
    Those are some fabulous gifts!
    The coat is beautiful, and you always expect to pay a bit for a wool winter coat - $135 is pretty typical!

    And the dress is GORGEOUS!
    You have a wonderful mom to get you a designer dress for you b-day, and she's right, if your going to spent the rest of your life wishing you'd gotten it, wouldn't it be worth it??

    Chic on the Cheap

  39. that dress was made for you, you look awesome :)


  40. Is that coat in plum? It's lovely! Good for you for buying all those goodies!

  41. Love the coat, what a gorgeous colour! And the dress is so edgy - perfection!

    Xo Chelle

  42. Hey, happy Birthday! Those are some really great additions to your wardrobe. And such great deals! Have an awesome birthday and a great year ahead!

  43. Love the dress! What a great find. :)

  44. That dress looks great on you :)

  45. Thanks for the comment :) that dress is HOT! Looks just great on you too :)

    Laura @ Obsessive Coolness

  46. Happy happy birthday!!


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