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Closet Fashionista's Spending Challenge: October Recap

  Monday, November 1, 2010 at 8:00 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,, 
Okay, I was bad this month, but it was my birthday month, so forgive me...but I did return 2 things so I was back under budget...but that was until I found a Marc Jacobs dress on eBay really cheap. ;) I treated babysitting money as a gift too, haha, since I don't really have to do that anymore and I just sit there while the kids sleep.

I have also decided to up my budget to $250 a month (on clothes + unnecessary stuff), but I'm still going to TRY to stay under $150. Since I got hired full time I can afford to spend a bit more each month (especially since I have no monthly payments for cars/house/etc.)  I had made the budget before I started working full time, ha ha.  So I have made an amendment to my original post.

AND I am also going to let myself have a little break when I go to NYC for the HP premiere, I doubt I'll splurge, but if I do I'm not going to count it since its a vacation and I NEVER go on vacation XD. (but if its little things I'll still count it)  AND I have to get Christmas gifts...and I'm not going to count those either, ha ha. (I'm such a cheater...but whatever, I have the challenge to control spending on myself since I have money to spare...I just don't want to go crazy with it.)
  • October 5 - Pepperoni Pizza at Work $7
  • October 8 - Harry Potter Clock (been wanting it for YEARS) $12.27 (was really $35, but I had money in paypal from eBay that I hadn't added to my funds yet, so I pretended it was a gift card ;) cheating, I know....)
  • October 9  - Birthday Shopping Spree $98
    • McQ dress - $20 (mom paid $180)
    • DKNY Coat - $75 ($60 from babysitting, so it was $135)
    • 2 pairs of tights and 6 pairs of socks $2.88 (was $22.88 but had gift cards)
  • October 16 - Black Tee, Purple Nail Polish, Mcdonalds - $13.66
  • October 17 - Grey Tee, Red Nail Polish, Basecoat Nail Polish, Disney Princess Gummy Vitamins, Plum Lipstick $15.98
  • October 19 - Kelly and Katie Flats from DSW $15.39 
  • October 29 - Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress (eBay) $27.60
  •  Two Long Sleeve Shirts + $17
TOTAL:  162.70
LEFT:  -12.70

The following items didn't count toward the challenge.
  • October 2 -  New Driver's License (essential so it doesn't count)
  • October 16 - Harry Potter Signature Edition Books (used birthday money)
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    1. Way to go hunnie on keeping track of our your expenses..I have to hand it to you, I dont think Id be able to do as well as you did:)

      Stop by and say Hello ♥
      Statements in Fashion Blog

    2. You mean you budget for clothing would be 250, right? Is not bad!

      B* a la Moda

    3. I'm not sure I'd remember, much less count, the pizza. And yeah, definitely update yourself!

      I know it was hard for you (hehe) spending so much of the McQ dress and DKNY coat, but just think of how long you're going to have them and how much you love them! ; )

    4. Wow ! It's really impossible for me to impose myself a challenge, I buy as long as I have money, or I save up if I want to buy expensive clothes I wanted for ages in the following months, but I really couldn't spend only 150$ if I had 250$ :)
      Happy Birthday (a bit late :/)

    5. i hate budgeting but it actually works and makes you accountable for your money!

    6. It's great you're starting young to budget all your expenses. I still write down where every penny goes and it helps me spend within my means and save a little too. I don't want credit card debt!

    7. Even with a teeny bit of cheating you're doing an amazing job!

    8. Wow, you find a lot of designing clothes very cheap, how u do it? I really like your blog, it's so funny! Can you check my blog? If you like it just follow me :)

    9. I'm thinking of doing something like this, keeping a limit on how much i psend :)
      great post x

    10. Looks like you actually did pretty good - we all deserve a little slack around our birthdays!

      xoxo ~ Courtney

    11. I am very impressed! I wish I could be as organized :)

    12. That's pretty good! Good for you. My shopping bans always end in epic fails ...

      Call Me Ishmael

    13. Isn't it crazy how spending just adds up? I think you have targeted your weaknesses: cheating!

    14. Money adds up and I hate it! But you save a whole lot better than I do lol

    15. Owwww.. happy birthday!!!


      Come visit me

    16. I think you did good :)

    17. You are so good for documenting all the money that you spend! I am useless!! I tend to just stuff my reciepts in some drawer. Out of sight, out of mind!! haha :)SarahD

    18. I need to start doing this! Although I WISH I had $150 every month to spend on clothes...

      ▲ WOLF WHISTLE ▲

    19. Good for you for recording all your purchases!

    20. wow.. amazing purchases.
      love it/

    21. Your budgeting skills are so precise. I tend to be quite blase but am aiming to improve.

    22. All of the designer things you get are so worth the little splurge. You're much better with a budget than I am!

      Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

    23. $162 is not bad at all!
      You got some particularly great pieces as well, so I think October was a success.

      Chic on the Cheap

    24. Congrats on having excess money dear! <3

    25. I would love to see your Marc Jacobs dress, post some pictures please

    26. That is an extremely smart way to budget yourself! Love the idea :)

      Eternally yours,

    27. wow thats impressive! I dont think I would last past day 2. Well done!

    28. Birthday Shopping Spree: $98! Whoo! What a great birthday! ;)

    29. You did so good! I'm so excited for you that you got hired full time (and now can spend more on clothes!!!) Congrats :)

    30. I always tell myself to keep track of my spending, everyday. Yet, after two days, I forget! =(

      Birthday shopping sprees are the best!


      Win a Yola Couture Designer Dress at:

      20 YORK STREET

    31. NY for the HP premiere!

      Love Grace.

    32. it wasn't that bad but don't raise your budget because before you know it you'll be raising it all the time...

    33. you are so good at budgeting and controlling yourself! props :)

    34. gosh you're so good. I need to go on a budget as well (I spend way, wayyyy too much on food!) so this post is definitely nudging me in the right direction


    35. Your post made me laugh. You'll get the hang of it! Quit cheating lol but don't feel to bad, it is after all your birthday month =)

    36. Good for you for setting a plan and sticking to it (as close as possible)!!

      And ps-Happy Belated Birthday!! I'm so sorry I suck and missed it :(


    37. You have been doing so well! I'm impressed! x

    38. I think it's great that you're doing a budget. Only when you start putting it all down do we realise how much we spend on things we don't need . . .


    39. I hate budgeting too. remember "nothing its forever"..

      ps.. I cant stop laughing

    40. I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm loving it! =)

    41. I'm still impressed that you're including everything in your spending limit. Mine has been reserved for just clothing. I don't dare add up my frequent Starbucks runs!

      And I must thank you for the reminder to do my own October recap! Sounds like a post for this weekend! ;-)


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