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A Penny Saved is Accessories Earned & Just Bought

  Monday, December 27, 2010 at 9:48 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,, 
It is snowing SO MUCH! I'm going to have to post a photo for you all soon, haha.  I'll probably update this post later so its lighter and I can get a good photo.

Starting on December 26th last year i made the decision to keep all the change I had for one whole year to see how much money I would end up with.  I put in $20 at the beginning just to start myself off, I also put in a $10 rebate I got on a purchase.  I made $31.96 in change over one whole year, not too shabby considering I don't really spend much money in person since I'm more of an online shopper. So adding all that together I made $61.96.  I think I might do this for next year as well, its a fun way to save up money to buy whatever you want. 

I decided to add this money to a $100 gift card I won to net-a-porter. It still won't buy me much so I have to put my own money in it. But I'm also factoring in the $170 I got for Christmas, money I'll get for returning a dress & some ad money I made.  It took me FOREVER to decide, but I finally chose this:
Marc by Marc Jacobs Pumps (may return the shoes if they don't fit/don't look good with my stuff...) $132
Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse - how ADORABLE (but expensive...) is this?! $225
Total - $370
After the $100 Gift Card, $61 in change, $65 from returning the dress & my gift money ($170) it comes to 0 (well...less than 0, but ;) )!

I sorta feel bad spending that much on two items...but I can splurge once in a while I suppose...its just weird when I know that some people out there can't even afford less expensive clothes...*sigh* 

I also used my store credit at American Eagle and got all this (I had returned a sweater) There was a toss up between some new sweatpants and some wedges, I kept going back and forth...but as you can see, I chose.
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  1. Very nice , I loveee the MJ pumps and bag

  2. that MJ bag is amazing and you'll wear it so often!! love that color.


  3. great idea! maybe i will save my change for this year

  4. I love this! I always save all of my change in a jar. I usually make $50 every 5-6 months. :)

  5. I love those Marc Jacobs pumps - I hope they work out!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. I love that purse!! And yes, splurging every once in awhile is totally acceptable!

  7. Now that's an interesting post haha, well done on the savings girlie!! I should start a thing like that too and at the end of the year, get myself a Happy New Year present hihi! Lovvvvveee the shoes and purse btw!

  8. Wao, so pretty items~
    Those shoes are love<3

  9. Love the Marc Jacobs bag, it's beautiful!

  10. OMG, that MJ purse is fabulous! I think you made excellent choices!

  11. I think the purse is gorgeous. It is weird spending lots of money on a few things, but I think so long as they are the right things (and you can actually afford them, naturally) that it's actually a better way to shop than buying lots of cheap stuff. Except for when you get really good quality cheap stuff on ebay, etc. hehe. Never mind, my comment makes no sense! ; D

  12. great idea!
    sounds like something i could do
    for my new years resolution :)

  13. I don't know how, but my sister and I did the coin jar thing in high school and after one year, ended up with $300 in change. I know. I don't know how it all added up. I loveee coin jars! Such a great way to save!

    xo Sherrie

  14. I love those shoes!! You will have to let us know how they look/feel in person!

  15. Oh wow! That purse is absolutely lovely but ridiculously expensive! I wonder what you'll get. :)

    My brother in law did the same thing with change and he went to a nearby market to put his change in a change machine and he got about $50 out of it. :)

  16. lovely blog! hope you had a fab christmas!



  17. great finds!! I know what you mean, sometimes I feel guilty too knowing some people are definitely less fortunate but it's always good to spoil yourself once in a while. great blog dear :) i'm now a follower!
    Come by mine and follow if you'd like xo

  18. love this bag! you have a nice taste in fashion! :D


  19. I love your picks! Great choices :)

  20. LOVE the MJ pumps. They will be the star of any ensemble! Great choices.

    A Slip Shop

  21. love the idea of saving your change for a full year! I always end up dumping all my change out in random places because I can't stand the weight of it in my purse. I like your idea, I may have to do that!

    the MJ bag is SO cute! love what you got!

  22. i think i'll try that change thing. i always have lose change lying around.

    the marc jacobs purse is reallyy cute!

    xx Kenny

  23. I LOVE that purse you got?!? So adorable!

  24. Oh that bag looks great!! The colour is vibrant and a nice pink. :]

  25. you are so inspiring to me, seriously. love your choices!!

  26. I love this! I would have saved up so much change this year if it was not for dorm laundry, which steals all my quarters and then some. I love the items you bought though!


  27. I find change everywhere - my bags, my pockets, the car, the junk've inspired me to put it all in one place and leave it for a year :)
    Love those wooden heeled MJ pumps.

  28. Wow that's a good idea! Last year I got a saving pig (haha funny word) for christmas haha, maybe use it this year!
    Love the marc jacobs purse! x

  29. great post! I like your blog! I follow you

    visit my blog

    merry xmas!!

  30. definitely investment pieces, but totally worth it if you love and use them :)

  31. Excellent choices and your spending project is commendable. =)
    I would so get the purse.


    -La Copine


  32. I"m so proud of your savings! What a good strategy <3 I adore the MJ heels. Hope they fit you well.

  33. the purse is a definitely good buy! lovin' it. and those are some deals you got at AE everything looks so comfy, ready for that winter season :)

  34. I love the idea of saving your change for a year to buy something fabulous! I think I'm going to borrow this idea for 2011! I'm also going to save any ad money I make to put toward an end-of-the year splurge.

  35. Oh and I'm in love with that purse - I've been eyeing it myself. Can't wait to see your photos of it!

  36. I love the marc jacobs bag! And you gave my a funny idea how saving money this year! ;)
    Come and see my fashion blog! New post every day!

  37. Great picks from NAP!! Love the shoes and bag. Lucky you to win a gift card. Fingers crossed the shoes work out. Enjoy the gorgeous bag!!

    Hope you're having an amazing holidays!

  38. Great sweater! Looks very preppy chic and comfy to boot!

    Call Me Ishmael

  39. I save my change too. It really adds up, very fast in my case because I use cash almost every day. I love it!

  40. This sounds like such a great idea. Where did you keep your change? I want to find a fun, pretty container to put my change in (right now its a plastic container that used to hold some kind of food from the deli at the grocery store haha...)


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