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Closet Fashionista's Spending Challenge: March Recap

  Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at 8:00 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,, 
This is a few days late but I figured I would wait to post this until I got home from vacation. I SHOULD go back to my regular daily posting now starting with recaps of vacation but I've had a busy few week so I may need to take another day or two, ha ha. (probably not). So after this will be some vacation photos and stuff and then back to normal fashion posts!

This doesn't include what I bought on vacation though, that doesn't count toward my total anyway since I already made a budget for it at the beginning of the year. Having said that, I was bad this month (even though I'm still under budget) *sigh* But I was really good last month so it evens out XD.
  • March 3 - Necklace Tree $6
  • March 11 - Fabric at Mood in NYC (for a skirt) $14 
  • March  12 - Target Designer Dresses  $24.99
    • I bought 4 for $160 and kept 1. 1 sold on eBay with a profit of $15 so I subtracted that from the 1 I kept. And I am still deciding whether or not to keep another one so I haven't counted it yet. If I keep it I will have spent $64.98 on both.
  • March 19 - Two t-shirt Bras at Victoria's Secret $25
  • March 19 - Coral Wedges by Steve Madden $19.99
  • March 25 - Burberry espadrille wedges at The Outnet Sale $91.20
    • These didn't fit as well as I'd hoped so I may resell me if you're interested. US Size 8. Photo here.
  • March 31 - Audio Recorder for HP Press Events $33.58 [update: not counting because it was a business expense]
TOTAL: $181.18
OVER: $18.82

UPDATE: Haha...apparently I forgot the h in March ;) Fixed it...I blame my tiredness

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  1. You know you've written Marc Recap instead of March? Although given your love of Marc Jacobs, that might be true! ; )

    Glad you're back, looking forward to the vacation pics!

  2. Sometimes you gotta bend the rule a bit when you find something worth splurging on!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. I've started writting down everythin I buy - it's so much easier to keep track :)

  4. Not too shabby for picking up some awesome pieces throughout the month:)

  5. I think you did pretty good, it's difficult to stick to it when the seasons are changing and all the fun new stuff is coming out!

    And so think it's true what the first person said. Your love of Marc Jacobs has slipped in subconsciously, haha!

  6. this is the first time i see your over - it happens sometimes! LOL

  7. I think you did good for all that you got!

  8. What's 15 bucks? You still did good this month!

  9. You did pretty well. Going over is ok, since you are almost always under budget:)

  10. Wow you only went over by a tab bit.. I need to start doing this lol great job

  11. Good job! If it weren't for the Burberry shoes, you'd be doing wonderful!

    I've only spent about $35 so far this month. I know it's only the 5th, but I'm excited!

  12. Haha. Typing mistakes happen to us all!

    Glad you had a great trip. Vacations always go by wayyyyy to fast!


  13. Oh no! because english is not my mother tongue when I saw this post I thought: Gosh! this is going to be complicated because there is not a picture, and second: Gosh! a post about maths is going to be really hard. Lol

    See you :)


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