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This Week in Fashion & Happy Earth Day

  Friday, April 22, 2011 at 7:51 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,,,, 
This week has been SO long, but I did a lot of things I normally don't do during the week so perhaps that's why. On Tuesday I hung out at Starbucks with a friend, Wednesday I went to get my hair trimmed and last night I babysat, so I didn't have much time at home. This was another dreary week...since April Showers bring May Flowers we better have TONS of flowers this year, ha ha. Sadly I don't have my Friday outfit again because I didn't have time to pick my outfit out before bed last I'll try to post it next week if it's any good.
Monday: Dress:Twitch Vintage $17, Sweater: American Eagle $0, Flats: Kelly & Katie $14

Tuesday: Jeans: Hollister $15, Tee: Target $5, Sweater: MICHAEL Michael Kors $10, Flats: vanEli $15

Wednesday: Dress: ASOS $17, Blazer: American Eagle $20, Flats: Me Too: $15

Thursday: Dress: Calvin Klein $30, Blazer: Jones New York $40, Sandals: Target $20

Also, today is Earth Day!!! In related news, net-a-porter has a new line of products called "Runway to Green". 10% of the proceeds made from the purchase of the pieces goes to environmental organizations such as the Natural Resources Defense Council.
From Yves Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney to Marc Jacobs and Prada, more than 20 of the world's favorite fashion brands have come together to generate awareness and raise funds for the environment. Be it a Burberry Prorsum trench, a Gucci tote or a floor-sweeping skirt by Jason Wu, a portion of the proceeds from each exclusive Runway to Green piece goes to leading environmental organizations.
Here are some of the products I have my eye on and would purchase if I was rich, ha ha.

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  1. Gorgeous outfits!
    By the way, your hair looks so perfect in every pic <3

  2. Wow, those jeans make your legs look a million miles long!
    Hope you have a great weekend, and fingers crossed the weathermen are wrong this time!

  3. I just love that Twitch vintage dress on you - the color is so pretty!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Loving look #2!!!

    Ha, if I were rich. You can say that again!!! I would die for the sheer collar blouse!!! It's stunning.

    Hope you have an earthy weekend!!!


  5. Your Target sandals are awesome, as is that first dress! And yay for Earth Day! These are lovely pieces. I also like that thrifting and upcycling is great for the environment!

  6. lovely selection!


  7. Monday is my favourite (in love with that dress every time), but I also like Tuesday Brit look!

  8. the chiffon blouse is super cute. and so is the purse :)

  9. I love the top of the second outfit!!

  10. I love your selection!! Following you now :)

  11. I think this has felt like a long week for everyone!

  12. the target sandals are amazying

  13. your blue dress is lovely, that color looks really amazing on you.

  14. Happy earth day! I would go for that sparkletastic skirt too!

  15. Oh, I love the last one with the pink and blue!

  16. i like Thursdays look - love the blazer

  17. I keep dreaming too about all this items!

    great post hun!


  18. Loving your outfits on Monday on Thursday. You look very chic in that CK dress and blazer. :)SArahD

  19. Love the dress in the first outfit!

    Happy easter and thanks for the comment


  20. You were really stylin this week!!! Gorgeous. And I'm such a nerd I was looking at the pictures to see the hair difference, haha. It looks so healthy!

  21. The Twitch vintage dress has a pretty print. I love short weeks.

  22. My fave is the first outfit! God and I'm terrible, I didn't know it was earth day... only that it was Good Friday. eek oh well. Haha god, I would purchase it all if I were rich too ;)

  23. such pretty looks!! i agree with you -- i really hope we have flowers everywhere this year!! this rain has to go! xo

  24. especially love the blue dress in your first pic! also love the black tights with the sandals. but you look great in all of these!

  25. my favorite outfit is definitely Monday!
    just simple chic ;)

    and your Thursday sandal is cute! so jealous!


  26. Your hair looks extra fabulous in Tuesday's picture! Love that cute casual outfit :)

    Xo Chelle

  27. Loving the jeans on you and that MK sweater!

    Also I think you look so pretty with your hair pulled back

  28. Your wishlist items look so pretty! Great outfits this week, too. :D

  29. good combination of looks fashion !
    greetings, darlin!
    my blog - follow me :

  30. pretty cool shots. I've been scrolling the post's back and forth a couple of times, gotta say.


    You have a adorable blog by the way,hope you'll pass by

  31. I wish all of us, fashion lovers, were very rich so we could all buy beautiful things ehhe :)


  32. I like your Brit flag top--and your floral dress. Happy Easter!


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