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New In: From Marshalls and ShopBop

  Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 8:00 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,, 
Last Wednesday I was a very bad girl and ordered a new purse from ShopBop.  I had a reason though, my Mulberry for Target bag has been falling apart and it is so disgusting now. The piping around the pleather part of the bag is slowly pulling off and the bag is just gross.  So I decided I needed to splurge and get a good quality purse.  I am obsessed with Marc Jacobs so I figured I should get (another) Marc Jacobs bag.

I was originally going to get the Marc Jacobs Lucy in Bright Purple but decided to get the Aiden instead because it was a bit cheaper and zipped to close rather than just having the turn-lock closure. I was going to wait a while and save up monthly for the purse but since it was on sale I just went for it.  What do you think?! [I included a picture of it with my other Marc Jacobs purse I got at Christmas]
Also, this past weekend I went to Rhode Island intending on spending the weekend at the beach, sadly the weather had other ideas.  So on Sunday when the weather was particularly gross my mom, sister and I went to Marshalls. I went through all the aisles and grabbed a ton of clothes just intending to try them on for fun.  I ended up loving almost all of it.  I had tried on a leopard Ralph Lauren top ($20), tan Ralph Lauren riding pants ($70), purple Ralph Lauren dress ($50), Marc Jacobs bathing suit coverup ($30) and a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting).

What I ended up purchasing was a Calvin Klein tan/gold glittery sweater for $15 and some AMAZING Michael Kors pants in navy that were similar to the Ralph Lauren pants, except that they were $40.  The Ralph Lauren pants didn't have the zippers up top and they had a couple inch slit on the bottom of each leg, but they have the same general look. I was very torn on buying the pants because they were so expensive but I'm glad I did, they are so comfortable! I know I'll be living in them this Fall/Winter.  Here are some piccys! [click to enlarge]
And for a bonus, here are some shots of what has happened to my Mulberry for Target bag after only 6 months of using it...let us hope that my Marc Jacobs does better...ha ha. Nasty, isn't it? EDIT: For clarification, I take good care of my purses, I used this every week day for work for 6 months and this is what happened, ha ha. I didn't put it into a shredder or yea, not good. I wonder if anyone else with these bags had this happen or it was just me.

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  1. Absolutely love the purple bag, from color to size it's great!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. Love the bag and those zipper pants are awesome!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. Bad girl! Haha! And wtf did you do to your bag? I've never had one come apart on me (except some of my mom's vintage bags, but they're allowed to)!

  4. great purses!

  5. that bag is freaking boss!!! love the color of the new one....awesome buy :)


  6. I love those bags!!

  7. Oh oh! you are a bad bad girl!
    I love that purple bag, I saw it in a nude color and I love it even more!

    Have a great day!
    See you!

  8. Those purses look so bright and fun!

  9. I love the size and color of the bag! It's so pretty! It's too bad that your Mulberry got worn down so fast. I do wonder if other people had the same problem?

  10. That purse is INSANE! I love it!

  11. You should have better luck with the MbMJ bag :)

  12. LOVE your new purse!! And you are totally allowed to splurge every now and then.

  13. oh man your bag really is falling apart. Your splurge was totally justified.

  14. That purse you got is gorheous! Loving those MK trousers, also. :)SarahD

  15. I love your new bag and the trousers!

    Could it be because your old bag came from a diffision line? It sounds like you did get a lot of use from it, but I do like to think of my bags as investment pieces.. 6 months isn't exactly an investment..

  16. Both purses are so pretty! And I love your zipper pants : )

  17. I like the draped cardi because of the shine in it. Sad about the bag. Even if it's a lower priced line it should go the distance.

  18. i lovee your blog¡¡ is very cool¡¡ kisses from Mexico :)

  19. I feel like that always happens to plastic bags. I've had so many fall apart just from normal everyday use.
    The new leather bag is so much better!!! Ahhhh gorgeous! I can't blame you for wanting everything in sight in marshalls, somedays you go in there and come out with a cart full of stuff you can't live without, haha.

    Chic on the Cheap

  20. Great picks, love the bag, beautiful colour

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    Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

  22. What a fun bag. :) That shade of purple isn't seen too often, but I like it. Great for summer time fun. :) And what great finds at Marshall's too!

    xx Love & Aloha

  23. I also have the Mulberry for Target bag. Mine's still in great shape, but I only used it maybe once or twice a week for the past 5 or so months.


  24. I just added a twitter page! Feel free to follow me at museumings.

  25. Passando para conhecer seu blog, amei nunca tinha entrado, amooo descobrir fofuras assim no domingo. Parabéns pelo trabalho, muito bom mesmo. Bjs

  26. Love your blog & this post is great. Sorry to hear about your bag, that kind of thing ruins me!haha take a look and follow if you fancy


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