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This Week in Fashion

  Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 8:00 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,, 
Well this week I dressed a bit boring, I just threw on whatever I felt like wearing and left the house. I didn't even wear makeup, ha ha. But that's what happens when you are at the tail end of being sick. I felt better this week but I still had an annoying cough...GRR! My boss was off this week so I was nervous that something would go terribly wrong, luckily everything was okay except for a teeny problem we had yesterday, but it wasn't our fault...stupid Twitter.

And now I am off to Rhode Island for the weekend so I won't be posting tomorrow! My whole family is going for the week but since I used up all my vacation days already I have to go back to work on Monday...ICK!

As usual click all the photos to see them full size.

Monday: Skirt: made by mom, Tank: Bella c/o City Brewed Giveaway, Sweater: Kohls gift, Sandals: c/o Sseko Designs
Tuesday: Skirt: American Eagle $?, Tank: Forever 21 $5, Sweater: Forever 21 $11, Necklace: c/o Towne and Reese Sandals: Croft & Barrow (Kohls) $15
Wednesday: Jeans: American Eagle $0, Top: Rumors (Marshalls) $12, Sweater: Urban Outfitters $0, Wedges: Burberry (The Outnet) $80
Thursday: Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs gift, Sweater: American Eagle $0, Sandals: Michael Kors (DSW) $55
Friday: Cargos: American Eagle $0, Tank: Kohls $16, Sweater: Urban Behavior hand me down, Sandals: Target $20

And here is a look from last week.
Skirt: Ruche (gift card), Tank: American Eagle $0, Sweater: Urban Behavior, hand me down, Sandals: c/o Sseko Designs

AND here's a lovely outfit from when we were waiting outside Regis and Kelly to see Tom Felton last week...oh my...she has crazy socks, pj pants, a weird top....basically everything in her closet.

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Loves to get bargains on clothes and is obsessed with Harry Potter and Disney. By day she is a freelance graphic and web designer. She also has a slight obsession with movies.

You can also find her on the web at her Harry Potter and Matthew Lewis fan sites.


  1. i like tuesday, your hair looks so pretty. i want it!

  2. Love these every time! Your burberry wedges are lush.

  3. de très jolies tenues, j'aime beaucoup celle avec ton pantalon cargo

  4. happy weekend. I am sure that next week you will be in a good mood

  5. awe i feel your pain im just trying to get over being sick as well...:( who gets sick in summer! but you look great. and you dont need make up!
    feel better
    love all the outfits


    fashion provocateur.

  6. I hope the cough goes away soon! Love the purple dress! It is lovely!

  7. damn girl, you've got style :)

  8. I actually really like Monday and Tuesday; perfectly laid back and easy... too bad about having to work Monday though. ; (

  9. My favourite tuesday (I don't have reasons but I love it)
    And oh no! go back to work on monday.. enjoy this weekend!!

    See you :)

  10. I hope you have a good weekend in spite of the heat - I feel like I'm melting!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. great outfits!!
    my fav is with purple dress :) very cute :)

  12. ugh i'm sick right now too. you still like great though!

    check out my behind the scenes etsy video lookbook on my blog!

  13. I love friday - so so cute, and those sandals are awesome.

    enjoy your short vaca!

    Chic on the Cheap

  14. I like the second and the last look! enjoy Rhode Island!


  15. Gorgeous outfits!
    You have so many wonderful clothes and shoes♥

  16. Cute outfits!
    Ask Erena

  17. You make a pretty Grade: A effort for being on the tail end of sickness. This is more what I would call my "making the most effort ever" looks.

  18. love your looks! i always love that marc jacobs dress, and i'm especially into your Tuesday outfit. it's gorgeous!

  19. Love your blue sandals!
    Xx s

  20. i like the monday outfit! the skirt is pretty <3
    wanna follow each other? Let me know :)

    Joie de Vivre

  21. amazing outfits! I love your hair. so cute. I'm your new follower!

    By the way I have one question - I saw on other blogs that you put a link in your comments. Could you tell me how to do it, please? I really need your help!


  22. Nice outfits, your shoe collection is great! x

  23. Have fun in rhode island! Haha I've been doing virtually the same thing - kinda over it with it being winter and I am almost getting the sniffles eek

  24. Oh my goodness, all your sandals are KILLING me with envy! There's nothing I love more than a hot sandal. Plus, you always look so stylish yet comfortable and what could be better than that?!

  25. Oh you posted the lady from K&R!!! haha, why didn't you post the other 2? I have pictures! LOL

    I love your Burberry wedges. A LOT! Plus, you're the only person I know who can tuck in their blouse and look good. Color me jealous :D

    I'm going to buy some Sseko sandals with my next paycheck! wooo. also. remember you were telling me about the internet bucks you get for doing stuff? can you refresh my memory on those? I need to be more thrifty were I can be!

    <3 Jess

  26. Did you sketch your header yourself? Well, nevermind though, its soo cute and cool :D I love it!

    Btw, Im following you. If you like my blog and have time, please folback. hehe :) Bunch of thanks!

  27. purple dress is so cute.

    Love these pics.

    Kavita @

  28. I love those sandals from Monday!

  29. That Marc by Marc Jacobs dress is crazy gorgeous! LOVE the print!


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