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Obscure Movie: The Ugly Dachshund

  Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 8:00 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:, 

A while ago I mentioned on my Facebook that I was thinking of featuring some of my favorite movies that are a bit less well known (as well as some of my favorites that are popular).  I might do it every Sunday, or every once in a while...we'll see how long I last.

The first movie I'm featuring is The Ugly Dachshund.  It is a live-action Disney film that came out in 1966, it stars Dean Jones, Suzanne Pleshette and, of course, Brutus the dog!  The synopsis is as follows:
Dean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette star in this Walt Disney family comedy as Mark and Fran Garrison, a dog-loving couple with different tastes in canines. When their dachshund gives birth to puppies, kindly veterinarian Dr. Pruitt (Charlie Ruggles) convinces Mark to take a Great Dane puppy home with him. The Great Dane, named Brutus, grows up with the tiny pups convinced that he's also a dachshund. Brutus's confused identity sets the stage for a number of mildly comic bits -- he chases policemen up trees, destroys Mark's studio, and ruins a garden party. Fran finally tells Mark that Brutus has to go, but changes her tune when Brutus saves Fran's favorite dachshund puppy, Chloe, from a scrap heap. When Fran announces that she is entering Chloe in a dog show, Mark secretly enters Brutus in the same contest in an effort to convince Brutus to think like a Great Dane.
This movie is SO hilarious and is a great family film as well.  So have you seen it?!  And if you do watch it after reading this post, let me know what you think! :D

Watch the trailer below:

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  1. I've watched that film for a gazillion times already.. and it' definitely one of my favorite childhood family films. it's an old fashioned Disney comedy and it's really funny. I recommend it :)

  2. the dog is sooo cute :-)

    have you seen my new post ?

  3. Sounds like such a cute movie! I need to watch it :)

  4. i'll have to watch this movie soon :)

  5. i've never heard of this film but it sounds so cute! anything with a puppy and i'm in :)

  6. I've never heard about it before. Lately I've been really lost about movies and the last that I heard is "el rey león 3d" something like ---> "the king lyon" you know.. the disney movey lol.

    See you :)

  7. woaah! that pup is soo cute <33 hehe, thanks for posting! :D xoxo

  8. My little sis and I used to watch this over and over!

  9. I've never seen this movie but after watching a trailer I really want to see it!

    classy & fabulous


  10. I've never seen the movie ! Thanks for mentioning it x

  11. Done!It's on my "must see" movies :)*

  12. This loolks awesome! Must see this movie : ) Happy Monday hun xx


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