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Birthday Goodies

  Sunday, October 9, 2011 at 8:00 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,, 
Well today is my Mom's birthday but yesterday we had an early celebration of mine which is on Tuesday.  We had some cake and I opened a few presents.  My sister got me a ring and necklace.
My mom and dad gave me a couple Christmas decorations that I've had my eye on since last year (my mom actually bought one of them last year in the after Christmas sales and hid it from me, ha ha).  I'll show you those later.  My mom and I also went shopping for some clothes but sadly I found was a total bust.  I did find some cute flats at DSW though.
I think my problem is I can't properly shop when I know someone else is going to pay for it, I just feel so bad that I make myself hate everything I see.  Oh well, I don't really mind not finding things, it saved my mom some money, ha ha. 

In closing, look at this cute card from my parents:

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  1. The ring and necklace are so beautiful and cute! Nice presents. But not so nice that you couldn't find some new clothes! The flats are cute as well! xx

  2. lovely photos!especially the last one :) so cute!!!

  3. Oh I'm sure that you will have lots of new presents on tuesday :)
    You will turn 23 right?

    Well, all those gifts are super cute, but my favourite is the card :D

    Have a pretty sunday.
    See you!

  4. i have earrings like your ring...cute...that card is so cuuuuute!

  5. so pretty!!! enjoy = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  6. beautiful photos, I'll follow, I hope you will follow me too, waiting for you in my blog! Kiss

  7. That card is so cute and all your gifts are so pretty - happy early birthday!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. I LOVEEEE those flats! So cute!!


  9. Happy early birthday! Adore the glittery flats like Dorothy but in blue, so cute!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  10. Happy early birthday,hon!Love the pink ring!

  11. Oh, the ring are so lovely! :)


  12. happy birthday all around!

    i love that ring and that card is super cute.

  13. love this post!!! Pass to my blog :)

  14. Happy birthday and best wishes to you and your mom! I'm an October baby too! The ring is so pretty! Enjoy your new shoes!

  15. Ha, that card is hilarious! Happy birthday to you and your mom... and I'm sure she'll keep taking you shopping until you find something : D

  16. That ring is so cute!!! Wish my sister would give jewelry like that. Happy bday to you and your mom :)

    xo Sherrie
    Psst.. have you entered our vintage Coach bag giveaway yet?
    Closet Hound

  17. What cute flats. The glitter makes it New Year friendly too!

  18. Happy early Birthday Megan! I love your birthday presents- so cute :) Also, that card is so great- I love it!!

    starcrossedsmile knits
    star-crossed smile

  19. Awww, that card is awesome! I love that ring and your shoes are cute. Glad it was a wonderful day! :D

  20. This post is perfect and so is your blog!
    I've been a fan for a while now, keep it up :)

    I'm your newest follower

    Maybe you could check out mine and follow if you get time?


  21. Awww how lovely of your family! They bought you such statement jewellery hehe. WAY too cute


  22. Happy Birthday!
    Great items!! love the card!

    have a nice week!

    I am doing a giveaway hope you take part:


  23. Ah well, maybe you should just ask for gift cards then ;)

    love the flats though, they will be so cute for the fall and the holidays!

    Chic on the Cheap

  24. Happy belated birthday!! Love your cute ring :)


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