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{new in} Hello, My Name is Megan and I'm a Shopaholic

  Monday, March 12, 2012 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,,, 
I have come to the conclusion that stress and I do NOT agree with one another. Over the past week I did FAR too much shopping.  It's like Rebecca Bloomwood says in Confessions of a Shopaholic, " When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better...but then it's not, and I need to do it again."

So who's ready for a huge roundup of all my latest purchases? I was smart with my shopping though and almost everything was on sale or bought with a coupon. I'm going to do what I used to do and show how much I saved off retail prices. I know you are all very excited about that. But, after all, this blog is mostly about affordable fashion even though I do post a lot about my lusts.

OASAP: I had a bit of money left to spend at OASAP, my newest sponsor and I got these two adorable rings! I have a thing for animal jewelry. Buy: Retro Cute Owl Ring and Retro Cute Mouselet Ring

Zara: This one I sort of cheated on. I had money in my PayPal that I didn't add to my bank account yet, so I counted it as free money and bought 2 pairs of shorts at Zara, so they were full price. $59.90 each. I needed a small in the floral shorts, but they only had a medium so I'm dealing with it, they are only a teeny bit big ha ha.

DSW: This was a good deal, until I added the second pair of shoes. But they are for my cousin's wedding and I didn't buy a dress so I allowed myself to splurge on the shoes. I'm still not sure about the Marc Jacobs ones, I think I want a higher heel for the wedding... I also got double reward points on my order and a free bag, so another $15 coupon is on it's way!
Steve Madden James Wedge Sandal
Regular: $69.95
Retail: $130
Saved: $75.05
Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Sandal
$199.95 [not on sale]
Retail: $320
Cheaper Here 
Saved: $120.05
Belina Bag
Regular: $39.95
Saved: $39.95

31 Bits: I also ordered another bracelet from 31 Bits, this time it's a wrap bracelet, so fun!
Lord & Taylor: This is the big deal! My mom, sister and I went to Lord and Taylor so they could look for dresses for my cousin's wedding. I went just to tag along. I had 15% off to use for opening up a charge card with them AND they were having an extra 10% off sale if you use your card...SCORE!  All together we spent $184 (that's not counting tax), the retail price of everything added up to $1119; PERFECTION! We went through the dresses and then proceeded to check out that Extra 60% off section where I really went to town. I bought 5 things and only spent $70 [it was actually $80, but they forgot to charge my sister for a dress so we split up what she saved so I got $10 off my total]!!

So that is my tip of the day. When shopping at Lord and Taylor make sure you have their credit card (you don't even have to use it all the time), then wait for their extra 10% off sales and shop ONLY in the clearance section, you'll be amazed at what you find! It's even better if you have an additional coupon to add on top of the 10% like I had this time. I had to leave behind a few gems, but I got the following:

MICHAEL Michael Kors Dress [similar]
I think I tried on this dress a while ago, but of course I wouldn't pay full price for it. I saw it peeking out in the clearance section and grabbed it! It's a medium so its a bit big under the arms, but I can deal with it!
Paid: $18.35
Sale: $59.98 - 60% extra - 15% - 10%
Retail: $120
Saved: $101.65
BCBG Skirt 
(I already have a skirt like this, that you ladies see all the time, but it was such a good deal and I liked the belt, and just a belt would cost as much as buying the skirt with the belt, so it was a no brainer)
Paid: $18.05
Sale: $58.98 - 60% extra - 15% - 10%
Retail: $118
Saved: $99.95

Lauren Ralph Lauren "Paskalle" Sweater
This is an XL but I loved it and it is going to be great to use as a light coat in Spring! This was actually supposed to be an extra 50%, but the lady made it 60%! WOO!
Paid: $24.32
Sale: $79.48 - 60% extra - 15% - 10%
Retail: $159
Saved: $134.68
Guess "Brittney" Jeans
I had been looking for a pair of colored jeans for a while and stumbled upon these. There was a pair of teal jeans but they were a size too small, so sad!
Paid: $14.99
Sale: $48.98 - 60% extra - 15% - 10%
Retail: $98
Saved: $83.01

TOTAL Lord and Taylor Savings:
Spent: $70.52
Retail: $495
Saved: $425

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Loves to get bargains on clothes and is obsessed with Harry Potter and Disney. By day she is a freelance graphic and web designer. She also has a slight obsession with movies.

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  1. You found some fantastic items! I adore that sweet little mouse ring!

  2. Hello Megan. ;-)

    I would say you found some amazing pieces. And if this makes you a shopaholic I should probably hit the shopping emergency room right now. :-) Have a fantastic Monday! xo, Christina

  3. I love your Zara shorts - I wish I could wear shorts to work. Can you? that is my dream. to be able to rock them to work - of course I would make it look You have some great items here - and we could both join the Shopaholic anonymous together :))

  4. quite a good haul! well done with the shoes, i bet those marc jacobs ones will turn out to be worth every penny! and i am NEEDING the stripey steve maddens.

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  5. Love the ring of the little mouse!! In fact I've seen one like that with a car somewhere and I want it!! but I can´t remember where I saw it!!


  6. Those floral shorts are killing me - so awesome!

    Courtney ~

  7. Haha you're a shopping maniac! I love the little mouse ring though, and also that bag you got for free... so cute for summer!

  8. Yay, I love looking at other people's haul posts! You picked up some really great stuff, but I especially love those floral shorts from Zara and the pants from Lord & Taylor! :)

  9. Holy savings.. great job! Loving your new merch!! xo,

  10. so many lovely items, I adore the owl ring!

  11. Love your new purchases. I totally agree with you - stress = shopping!! At least you came away with some great pieces :)


  12. Yeah, I'm being a total shopaholic this month too, and i don't even care. And I haven't even bought shoes, the one thing I have a gift card for.

    Love your new pairs, I think having a slightly lower heel might be worth keeping around just for those days when your feet need a little break.

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. I love your owl ring! I got one from a store in them all but it's all tarnished now : (

  14. I love the wedges. The print on them is so cool.

  15. Shopping has a way of making me feel better too. At least you picked cute things that were on sale.

  16. Both of those rings are SO cute! I recently had to put myself on a shopping ban because I TOTALLY shop to make myself feel better!

  17. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shorts... they are awesome!! How could you resist? :)


  18. I put myself on a shopping ban for March. If I make it, I'm going to reward myself with this gorgeous lace tee from J Crew. If it's still available. My hands are sweating with fear that it will be sold out by the time April 1st rolls around. What a cruel April fool's joke that would be.

    I'm in love with those wedges. The mouse hugging your finger made me coo.


  19. I too have a shopping addiction! ha. Love the Steve Madden wedges! xo

  20. You're such a sweetheart!!! I saw those sorts in Zara and I'm seriously considering to get them... But I have to stop sopping so much too! I have the same desease!
    xx s

  21. You got some great stuff! I'm loving those Zara shorts, too cute!

  22. OMG! Girl, you've got so many awesome things! Especially love the floral shorts :)


  23. those Zara shorts are gorgeous! xx

  24. mooie nieuwe aankopen!
    ik volg je, volg je terug?
    xoxo linlicious-style

  25. You got some great clothes there. I liked that you also had some room for extra things to buy. I mostly never have that, and can buy a new item every third month or so. But thank you for sharing your shoppaholic with us.

  26. I really like the first pair of shorts. Your rings reminded me that I want to go back to the flea market and buy an owl ring I saw there!


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