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{vacation} London Day 3 - The Grand Opening

  Friday, April 6, 2012 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,,,,,, 
Today's post is all about the Grand Opening Celebration for Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter!  It was held on Saturday March 31st and it didn't start until 3 but we had to arrive before 12:30 to check in.  We got there at 12 and had to hang around in the FREEZING cold waiting for it to begin.  This was the only cold day of our trip though, so we couldn't really complain.  BUT I can complain about some of the other annoying fan site people who were there to report on the event, we have a VERY finite space on the carpet (about a sheet of letter-sized paper) and some were taking up more than their allotted space...very annoying. So we were quite squished (see the photo below). 
Outfit: Dress: Edun via The Outnet $100 (with gift card), Blazer: The Extreme Collection (Second Time Around) $50, Booties: No.704b. (DSW) $20, Bracelets c/o 31 Bits, Rings: old & c/o OASAP, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

You can see all the photos from the red carpet at Magical-Menagerie! Enjoy!  I should also have a video up soon on Magical-Menagerie...just waiting for the video files to be sent. UPDATE: Here is the video (I am not the one asking questions, I was taking photos...but I thought of most of the questions ;) )

Tom Felton, Warwick Davis, Evanna Lynch, Harry Melling, David Yates, Alfonso Cuaron, David Heyman, Rupert Grint 
How awesome does Harry Melling look!? He played Dudley, aka Harry's fat cousin, and looks soooo great! He loved my question too! We asked what it was like moving from playing a muggle in Harry Potter to a wizard in the last series of Merlin! 

Also, I had a tiny panic attack when Eddie Redmayne walked by...I LOVE HIM!  If you can't tell by the photo he is a Burberry model and an actor (he was in My Week with Marylin) ;)
After the red carpet my 2 friends and I headed to Pizza Express with two other girls who were reporting on the red carpet.  I had been told Pizza Express has amazing dough balls, and it was SO true! They are DELISH!!!! They are basically balls of pizza dough that you dip in garlic butter (or nutella if you get the dessert version)

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  1. How coool!!
    I was in London last week!!!

    JK ||

  2. This is kewl. Looks like you enjoyed it!

  3. How kewl is this! Looks like tons of fun.

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  5. How FUN! I love that you get to do this. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


  6. Woweeee celebrities!! That's pretty cool.. Not so cool about being squished and being so close with rude people. I would've had a panic attack. I don't do tight spaces. Anyway, awesome pictures and I look forward to seeing more pics!!

  7. It looks like such a great experience! I love your dress too.

  8. looks so cool! I love your pretty pink bag!!!


  9. I HATE when people can't be respectful in large crowds! Either way, it looks like an incredible experience!

  10. more than the completely digging the yummilicious food pics!!

  11. how fun but it sure does look crowded! I would have been super annoyed too if someone was taking up more than their share of space. You should have started elbowing people and showing them who's boss ;)

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  13. Cool!!! nice look)

  14. Awesome!! I love Eddie Redmayne! He was so good in My Week With Marilyn. You are so lucky you got to go to this! xoxo

  15. Jealous!! Looks like you had an amazing day.

  16. looks like a damn awesome day :)

  17. so much fun and great food! what a world wind experience!

  18. I am infinitely jealous of your Harry Potter based trip. Those dough balls look and sound fabulous. I want some now! Happy Easter! :)

  19. Looks so fun!


  20. oh, i really love the outfit you wore, that dress looks perfect with the blazer!
    Chic on the Cheap

  21. Okay okay, that dress is gorgeous on you! What an amazing experience, I'm loving these posts!

  22. Fantastic photos! Makes me realize I need to go to London asap again. I love that city! xo, Christina


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