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{vacation} London Days 1 & 2

  Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 5:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,,,,, 

Good morning, ladies (and gents?), I have returned after what seems like a year (even though I've only been away from the blog for a week!)  My trip was amazing, I spent half of it at the Harry Potter Studio Tour and the other half running around London. In my next few posts I will take you all along with me and TRY not to kill you with photos!  But if you guys want to see more I can post pictures on Facebook, so if you want everything comment and let me know! I'll do it if enough people want it. Click all the photos to enlarge!
As most of you know the main purpose of my trip was for the Harry Potter Tour, I was invited by Warner Bros. to report on the Grand Opening for my site, Magical-Menagerie. So there were a bunch of press things to attend such as a press conference on Thursday, a private tour and of course the red carpet! We got to see the tour before it opened to the general public, which was amazing. Especially because we were basically the only ones in there, no huge crowds! I am a fan of that.
We arrived Thursday morning at 11am and RUSHED to our hotel to check in and then darted off to Leavesden Studios for 1pm, sadly we were 20 minutes late and thought we would miss our group tour...and we were. BUT Warner Bros. is awesome and they let us go in alone, so we pretty much had the whole tour to ourselves. Stupidly I didn't take photos that day (but I took them later, don't worry!)  One of the girls missed her flight so she wasn't with us, so instead of doing more sightseeing after the tour and press conference (and some shopping in the Gift shop) we headed back to the hotel to rest.
Left to Right: Moderator, David Barron (Producer), David Yates (Director), David Heyman (Producer), Rupert Grint (Ron), Tom Felton (Draco), Evanna Lynch (Luna), Warwick Davis (Griphook, Professor Flitwick, Choir Director), WB/Leavesden Executives
Friday we had to go all the way back to Heathrow to pick up our phone and while we were there we got an email from WB saying our friend who missed the Thursday tour could see it on Friday if we made it by 12:50 (it was 11:20 when we saw that). So we paid NINETY POUNDS for a cab to the tour and made it in record time! They let me go in again as well so I made sure to take a TON of photos. I will be writing up a review on my Harry Potter site so be sure to check there for it, I just need to catch up on everything before that.
After the tour we headed to Bake-a-Boo to have tea (and subsequently went insane and were laughing our heads off because I was being a evidence below). Next it was off to the obligatory Abbey Road, which unfortunately was under construction, but we managed to get some photos anyway!

And here are the details for my outfits:

Day 1 - Blazer: The Extreme Collection (Second Time Around) $50, Top: Marshall's $12, Jeans: Free People (Gilt Groupe) gift card, Booties: No.704b. (DSW) $20, Bracelets c/o 31 Bits, Rings: old & c/o OASAP, Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Shopbop) gift card, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Day 2 - Tee: Michael Kors (Marshall's) $20, Jeans: Guess $15, Flats: Missoni for Target $30, Sweater: Forever 21 $11, Bracelets c/o 31 Bits, Rings: old & c/o OASAP, Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Shopbop) gift card, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

And so ends days 1 and 2...3, 4 and 5 to come!

*photo from press conference courtesy of Warner Bros. because mine came out horrible.

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  1. It looks like you had a fabulous time and that is what vacations are all about right?! :-) Amazing photos! xo, Christina

  2. Nice pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

    Just Like a True Star

  3. Nice! It must be so lovely to go around London with a bunch of like-minded people. And the studio pictures are so trippy! Just like the movies, haha : D

  4. I love all your photos!!!! But that cab was crazy expensive - damn!!!!

    Courtney ~

  5. AAH! I love all of the photos!! I do like the one of you at the tea shop LOL It looks like it was an eventful first few days. Love that - what an adventure!! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  6. nice blog :D We can follow eatch other?

  7. Wow amazing! I love all the pictures! I can see you had a lot of fun! Like your outfits!

  8. Aw, fun pics! I know how much you adore HP! :)


  9. Wow, looks like you are having an amazing time!!! Enjoy!

  10. It looks like you had a great time. The studio tour looks so cool!

  11. Your trip looks like it was so fun!! Perfect photos :) You are too cute. Can't wait to read your other posts on the trip.

  12. Oh I love seeing all these pictures! What a great time!

  13. I almost can't believe you are back already - a week goes by so quick.
    I'm glad it felt like forever to you though!
    The tour looks so cool - how fun you got to do it twice!
    (and woah, 90 pounds, I bet you will never top that, haha)
    Chic on the Cheap

  14. Lovely pictures! I really love the outfit.. those pants are great :)

    - Victoria

  15. That is such a cool opportunity that you got to go to London again and I loved looking through your pictures- it looks like you really had a blast! :D

  16. i'd love to go to the harry potter studios!! it looks amazing :)
    nice blog!

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