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{outfit} Remembering Lisa Frank

  Monday, June 11, 2012 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,, 
Do you guys remember Lisa Frank? I used to be OBSESSED! I had the stickers, notebooks, folders, etc. and I wish it was still acceptable to own them.  Perhaps I'll pretend I'm 10 again and buy some! I still have my favorite stickers stowed away in my room, though! Sadly it seems like things have changed a bit since I was younger and they have added weird people...I was more partial to the cute rainbow animals, especially the pandas and unicorns!

Moving on...these Sally Hansen nail stickers reminded me of Lisa Frank, so when 2 of my (now ex) co-workers gave them to me on my last day I was SO excited! How awesome are they?!  Sadly I got very annoyed putting them on so I'll probably stick to regular nail polish from now on. I wore this simple, comfy outfit for a family gathering on Saturday. Because of my awesome nails I decided to add my old rainbow belt and really old rainbow bangles! I always love getting together with the family, it's so much fun! Especially when one of my Uncle's takes unflattering pictures of me stuffing my face with chili ;) (if I had it I would show you, but luckily it's on his camera and not mine...)

Top: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Marshalls) $25, Jeans: American Eagle $15, Heels: Guess (Marshalls) $40, Sunglasses:  Marc by Marc Jacobs (Shopbop) gift card,  Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Chanel, Necklace: Grandmother's, Bangles: Old, Rings: Mom's

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  1. Those nails looks amazing. Even if they are hard to put on, are it not worth it to go through the mess once or twice?

  2. the boyfriend jeans look super cute with those heels - and I have those SH nail strips and I haven't tried them yet. I bought them in like November... haha.
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Your nails came out so great! And, as always, I'm super envious of your amazing, amazing shoes.

    Courtney ~

  4. omg i was obsessed with lisa frank! your nails are the perfect grown up version :)

  5. The shoes are to die for!!


  6. oooh I was obsessed with Lisa Frank in Elementary school. Life wasn't complete without the full school supply ensemble from her. your chanel looks amazing with those shoes!

  7. i am dying over your shoes! ah! those are gorgeous.


    wardrobe girls

  8. Hehe, I love the side of you that loves all the little kid stuff... because I love it too! :D I don't remember Lisa Frank, but I was pretty obsessed with My Little Pony.

  9. I loved Lisa Frank! Have you ever seen this Lisa Frank bio video:

    Its so funny!

  10. You look amazing!!!
    Love your outfit- Chanel bag is beautiful!!!!
    I loved Lisa Frank stickers when I was younger!!!!

  11. You look amazing!!

  12. I love the fit of your pants!! they are fab! and your nails are so fun!


  13. Great outfit! I love your boyfriend jeans & silver spoon ring.
    And I was addicted to Lisa Frank products when I was younger too!

    Hudson East

  14. Yes! I remember Lisa Frank! My sister was obsessed with everything Lisa Frank. Your "nail polish" definitely reminds me of it...I'm tempted to get those...maybe one day. Those jeans are awesome with the sandals..too cute

    dela chic

  15. You look classy!!

    PS - New outfit post is up at my blog, come have a look -

    Let me know if you follow me,I'll love to follow u back!

  16. Really nice outfit, love your sandals and your nails look cute, now following you. Maybe you can check my blog and follow back if you like it, xoxo

  17. Love the nails! Too bad they are not easy to put on :( i love ur outfit too that reminds me i need to buy cute shoes asap! Miss u

  18. You look so cute, I love those sandals! -xo

  19. Ooooh, I was so obbessed with Lisa Fank as kid, I had so many notebooks with her designs! :) Love your cute, easy going outfit, you look so at ease. (And what beautiful shoes!)

  20. Totally remember Lisa Frank! I had lots of stickers, folders and various odds and ends. So fun!


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