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{outfit} Devil in Her Heart

  Monday, November 19, 2012 at 9:29 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,,,,,,,,, 
I mentioned last week that I had an awesome outfit planned for a new skirt and this is it! When I was looking through my closet to see what would go with this skirt (a bunch of things) this jumped out at me as what I wanted to try first! A bit risky going with two snakeskin pieces but I think the fact that they are different colors makes it work. What say you?! (I said that like Aragorn in Lord of the Rings for those of you who can hear it in your one? Oh well, I'm just crazy)

For some reason the Beatles song in my title ALWAYS gets stuck in my head. I find myself singing it in my head while I walk to the train.  That happens with a few songs, but this one is my mind's favorite...very odd. I was humming it while taking these photos so it's only fitting that it be the post's title.

I took these photos on Friday but I am wearing it today to work! Woohoo :)

Sweater: T Babaton c/o Aritzia and Lucky, Skirt: Vince Camuto (Lord & Taylor) $35,  Heels: No.704b (DSW) $20, Belt: Kenneth Cole Reaction (Marshalls) $7, Sunglasses: Michael Kors (TJ Maxx) $20, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Shopbop)

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  1. since they are two different colors, i think it works well - like mixing two kinds of stripes.

  2. Sweater + skirt = PERFECTION. Creative combo.


  3. A very nice combination! You look great! <3

  4. Great outfit! Love the snakeskin print! xo

  5. Damn, I love this! What a perfect combo and that skirt is beyond awesome.

    Courtney ~

  6. Lovely outfit! you really worked it:) lovin the color of that sweater!

  7. This outfit is so chic! I never would have thought that two snake print pieces would work together, but they really do! :). I read the 'what say you' like aragon after you mentioned it. I had a total crush on Viggo Mortensen after I saw Lord of The Rings for the first time (when I was like 8). haha but he's so old!


  8. Risky, but it totally works! And yes, I definitely heard Aragorn ;)

  9. I say its works. I didnt hear Aragorn at first but now I do and for that I thank you

  10. love the skirt ! and it does work with the top :)

  11. I love this!! Glad you got the skirt and had the chance to go back and take out the tags..that's a bummer. The outfit is lovely and I love the two different colors but similar pattern!

  12. LOVE that bag with the green! omg, it's a beautiful combo!


  13. I toook me a moment to realise that the top was snakeskin print too - you look really lovely, and I can imagine that skirt being surprisingly versatile! x

  14. Gorgeous!! Love the teal color!

  15. lvoe the green sneak printed jumper dear!
    x the cookies

  16. Beautiful combination. Like you said, since the two pieces are different colors, it works.

  17. Great boots and bag! Amazing color!

  18. That skirt is amaze and you look like a twig in the best way possible!

  19. I lobe how these colours all work together so well!

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