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{outfit} Bell Bottom Blues

  Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,,,,,, 
I hadn't worn these flares in a while, because it's a bit of a hassle to stuff them into my boots to walk to work, so when I wore them last week I decided they should probably get a full outfit post too! Once again I'm in my uniform: tee, blazer, jeans and heels. But if it's not broke, don't fix it, right?

Song of the Day: Bell Bottom Blues by Eric Clapton

Blazer: Chanel (Roundabout Resale), Tee: Everlane, Jeans: Free People (Marshalls), Heels: Proenza Schouler (Roundabout Resale), Necklace: Geoclassics, Bracelet: Crystal Vibrations Jewelry (use code BBarrow1002 for 10% off), Watch: Skagen (Rue La La), Rings: vintage, Brilliant Imports snake ring & Mom's

Last year Sizers sent me a bunch of their shoe sizing inserts and I finally had the chance to use them! I bought a gorgeous pair of Proenza Schouler pumps that were too big for me, but at $55 I couldn't pass them up. Enter Sizers: I used the full size adjuster and they fit perfectly! Sizers are super easy to use, you just stick them into the toe part of your shoe to make the shoe fit from 1/4 - 1 full size.  They're only £10 (~$17) for a full set and £4 (~$7) for a single size AND free shipping worldwide. I definitely think it's worth it because you can remove them and use them for multiple shoes.

UPDATE: To answer a couple questions - They are foam-ish so they are soft and hard at the same time. They'll mold a bit to your foot and shoe as you walk so they are comfortable to wear all day.

* I was gifted the Sizers products but was not paid to post about them.

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  1. I am really intrigued by these sizers! They look like they'd be pretty comfortable!

  2. Oh, I had never seen sizers! If I had… maybe I would not have passed up an amazing pair of heels because of the size.

  3. Nice outfit! I love the blazer!
    I am hosting a firmoo giveaway on my blog, come along if you like :)!
    Lots of love!

  4. Those sound intriguing - are they stiff or squishy? are they comfortable to wear and walk in all day?

    And those jeans. They make your legs look so insanely thin (which they are on their own) and long, and it's still amazing to me.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Great blazer :) and the shoes sound awesome. Love the color.

  6. The shoes are gorgeous, I love the color!

  7. You have legs for days in those flares!!!!

  8. The sizers are awesome. I have a pair of shoes that are about 1/4 size too big and heel grips don't really do the trick.

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