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  Monday, October 17, 2016 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,,,,, 
After a week of sitting on my dresser (because of rain) I was finally able to wear my next sunglasses swap from Ditto! I really love this Prada pair because they're a bit quirky with the double bridge yet classic thanks to the tortoise pattern. If they weren't $385 (minus 15% for being a VIP) I would be very tempted to pay to keep them! But I'll just keep them a couple more weeks and swap for another pair. . Use code CLOSETFASHIONENDLESSDITTO for your first month free!

*Thanks to DITTO Endless Eyewear for partnering with me!*

And breaking out my customized Nike's for the first time this season! They don't get as much wear as they should, maybe this year I'll fix that. I got these at the RewardStyle NYFW party last year. Unfortunately I wasn't cool enough to get invited to this year's (the first one in 5 years I've missed.)

Cardigan: Marc Jacobs (Roundabout Resale), Turtleneck Tank: Highline Collective (Lord & Taylor), Jeans: FRAME Denim 'Le Skinny de Jeanne Crop' (Shopbop), Sunglasses: Prada via Ditto Endless Eyewear, Necklace: Madewell

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  1. That's definitely a really cool pair of sunglasses (I'd be tempted to keep them too....price tage notwithstanding).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. That is SUCH A COOL PAIR OF SUNGLASSES! I look ridiculous when it comes to sunglasses so I never really take any chances.

    The Adored Life

  3. Love those sneakers! Don't ya hate how they fluctuate with those invites?? I'm sure it was lame anyway ;)
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  4. Their loss not inviting you to the party!

    Your sunnies are awesome, although yes a bit expensive, so it's great you get to try and enjoy them for as long as you like. Could you request them back again later if you miss them? :)

    I really like the embellishments on your cardi and it's a nice way to add some colour to your outfit too.

    Hope you've had a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. Love the sunglasses swap idea. I've heard of swapped clothes and rented purses but it's news to me that there is also a company who lends sunglasses! I would have the same problem: I wouldn't want to give them back!

  6. At least you got such an awesome pair of sneakers at the last one! Who knows, maybe next year we can plan ourselves a legitimate fashion week, stay in NY, go to lots of shows? I know I've been thinking that for years and never make it happen.


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