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Bangin' Bargains: eBay Tips!

  Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 8:15 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,, 
A lot of you have been asking how I get such good deals on eBay (ex. my Marc Jacobs Jacket (hasn't been featured on the blog yet), Marc Jacobs Dress, Moschino Jacket, Sass & Bide Jeans, etc.) so I figured I would give some tips on what I do. They are mostly do's, but I posted a few don'ts.
DON'T bid right when you find something if it has more than one day left, this will only drive up the price earlier.

DO wait until the last few minutes to bid. Most people frown upon this, but it's the best way to get a good deal.  But, then again, this can backfire on you if you wait until the last minute and someone has a high maximum bid and you can't bid fast enough to get over it.

DO make an offer if the seller has a Buy It Now or Best Offer option. It's better to have your offer rejected than to pay their price when they might have accepted less. (Once I listed an item for $90 and sold it to someone who offered $60)

DO set a maximum price for yourself and try not to go above it.  I always make my maximum a few dollars less than I want to spend because I always end up getting too into bidding and go more than I planned on. The adrenaline will always get you, "ONE MORE BID, THEN I'LL STOP" is something I always say to myself.

DO ask the seller a question. If you are unsure of sizing or anything find out more so you don't have to return the item, especially since a lot of sellers don't allow returns.

DO search by categories so you can weed out items you don't want. (ex. blazers and jackets, shoes, etc.)

DO search by your size when possible, this eliminates the possibility of seeing an item you love and being depressed when it isn't your size.

DO search by lowest price first.  This makes it easier to keep with your budget because you can stop looking when it gets to a certain price.

DON'T buy something just because its a good deal. Make sure you will wear it first and have other things to wear it with.

DO watch out for fakes! Sometimes even though it looks real, it's fake!  Sometimes they change one word of the brand name and you might read it fast and think its real.  Or in really small letters they say "Inspired by"

Also, my cousins are visiting until Thursday, so I have prepared posts but I might switch them out and write new ones if I have time. I'll still be keeping up with comments at night, so don't worry ;) I'll definitely post if I get something on our shopping excursion!

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  1. Good tips!

    Look at my blog, theres a new post and theres something on there for you!

    Chloe Paige'Ox

  2. Woow thanks for your tips girl !!! ;-)

  3. Thanks for the great info doll! Hope you're having a great weekend! xo- karrie

  4. Really good tips! I always bid really early so will bear them in mind!
    jenna x

  5. great tips! i'll be sure to keep these in mind when bidding :)
    Haute Californian

  6. Nice tips! I think I've only purchased a few things on Ebay, but I might have to get back into it when I have a little extra spending money.

  7. these are some good tips! thanks for sharing.

  8. very god tips!
    your blog is very nice!


  9. expert! haha it will be useful for me coz I really love ebay-ing :)


  10. very informative, huge fan!

  11. Great post. I've been a victim of fakes before, it sucks.

  12. It's like destiny that I came to your blog! I was just about to start scouring ebay again. Love that site.

    Love Grace.

  13. haha i love ebay
    so great :)
    thanks for sharing!

  14. Thank you for your tips. Great stuff!! :)

    I still don't like to take a chance on brand names...unless they are vintage..because I'm so afraid they are fake. LOL

    Hope you have a great time!


  15. Great tips! I wouldn't advise bidding when there are still six minutes left though, a lot can happen in six minutes. I've lost quite a few that way.

    Now I only bid when there are 15 seconds left -- I bid my absolute max, and if someone else had a higher bid, so be it - if I'd tried to outbid them, I would end up paying more than my max, so it's for the best.

    Chic on the Cheap

  16. Great tips! I don't shop on eBay often, but I usually look there first if there's something specific I can't find anywhere. I remember getting NWT Hudson jeans for something like $50 once. And I'm also one of those people that waits until the last 30 seconds to place a bid, haha. But can't you just enter your maximum right away and only pay $1 (or whatever the bidding increment is) above the second-highest bid? Or has it changed? I feel like that way it would make more sense to just enter your max at the last minute.

    Also, are there any sellers you would specifically recommend to find awesome deals?

  17. This is such a great post. Want to know a secret? I've never actually bought ANYTHING from ebay!! I've never even made a bid. I think I've just always been afraid of not getting what I thought I was buying or something not fitting right or whatever.. I but I really need to take advantage of the great deals out there.

  18. so good tips ! i love this post (: i've linked you. mind to exchange link? hhe

  19. I love ebay, it is so addictive.
    thanks for the great tips :)

  20. great post - i i do nned these tips me and ebay dont seem to gel all that well when it comes to finding me bargains xxxx

  21. Great tips! I am so crap at bidding and all that stuff.:) Good job.:)sarahD

  22. love this. i always say i'm going to wait to bid until the very last minutes of the sale, but i never remember to go back and bid.

  23. I use a sniper site where you submit your maximum bid to them and they bid automatically in the last 6 seconds (or you can set it to whatever you like). It's great, you don't spend more than you want to and you don't have to sit glued to the computer like a maniac watching things slip through your fingers!

  24. Hahah love this post!
    It's always so anoying when people are starting to bid on something when it's ending about 8 hours!
    Please save it for the last minutes..
    So great post! ;)

    - Samm

  25. great post-- I am so intimidated by ebay so i've never bought anything. I spend so much of my time browsing, so hopefully after this post I will gain some more courage!

    stop by my blog again!


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