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{closet-worthy} My Net-a-Porter End of Season Sale Picks and Tips

  Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,,,,,,, 
I know, I know, I just posted some of my favorite pieces from net-a-porter, BUT their End of Season sale started yesterday morning and you guys know I've been waiting for it for MONTHS!  I got the email when I woke up yesterday and was so excited about making my purchase that I forgot to eat breakfast!  You guys are going to think I'm insane but I bought these two pieces (click the image go to to the product pages.)

For those of you that don't know how it works, the sale starts with reductions up to 50%, then after a few weeks they reduce the prices even more and then after a few more they reduce one more time! So you can either wait and hope what you want doesn't sell out, or buy it and not wear it until you know whether or not the price is reduced. It does take a bit of self control to not wear the item right when you get it, but it can save you a lot of money in the end.

My strategy, (and what I suggest you guys do if you can afford to) was to buy 2 things I REALLY wanted now and then wait for further reductions to buy more stuff I want. Then, if the things I already bought are reduced and still available in my size to buy them again and return the originals.
Good thing I didn't wait to buy the Burberry London dress because I bought!!!! It was a bit out of my budget, but I love it so much and I've wanted it for months. So I half hope it fits and I half don't because then I'll have to keep it!  I want the shoes to wear to my cousin's wedding in July, but I'm hoping they're more dark pink than red. If they are red red I'm going to return them because I already have red pumps.

And here are some other pieces I'm keeping an eye out for, as well as the pieces in this post! I put them in order from least expensive to most expensive for your convenience. (I only got through 20 pages of the clothes out of 82, so I may post some more pics on Facebook tomorrow rather than torturing you guys with another post...unless you want another full post!)  There are pieces in every price range so don't be afraid to check out the sale if you don't have a lot to spend! There are tons of pieces in the $18 to $100 range.
Have you bought anything in the sale?! Or will you?

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  1. I love them both! Those shoes are so chic.

    Courtney ~

  2. Such darling shoes. And I love the peacock swimsuit! Unfortunally I can't buy anything in this sale, as I spent my last money on a trip to my best friend. Sometimes it is hard to choose what to do with your savings.

  3. That dress at the top is totally YOU!

  4. I'm giving in and looking - this could be bad!

  5. Man you love this site! I do like the swimsuit a lot. Might have to keep my eye on that one.

  6. I know you've been coveting that swimsuit forever, you should get it!

  7. Oh man I've been scouring Net-a-Porter during every free second. The shoes!!!! The rag & bone pistol boots are on sale for around 220...need is pretty accurate.


  8. I haven’t bought anything yet but i have my eye on a few things!! I am having an internal conflict now to wait or buy now.. ah! too many good things!


  9. That snake ring and those leopard flats must be to check out the sale NOW!

  10. I find NaP is pretty spot on with colors. Love you buys though. I actually did get the Alice and Olivia skirt as well, couldn't justify only making the one purchase since shipping to NZ is so pricey! Love the Marc by MJ jelly flats... I'm considering getting them too haha

  11. I adore the stuff you bought and really like all of the stuff on your wish list too. Sadly, I will not be buying anything from the sale as I've been trying to cut back on my spending!

  12. I have been getting a lot of snake rings from my family lately!

    And serpent bangles! I love this ring you featured… so fierce!


    Twenty York Street
    Follow me in Twitter: @20YS

  13. You should wear those shoes to my wedding :) I'd love to see them in person!<3

  14. Great dress - can't wait to see how you style it!

    xo Jennifer

  15. Fantastic items! Love the snake ring!

    Bad Joan

  16. Great style inspiration. I really like that MK bag! New follower :)

    The Pretty Pinhead

  17. I love the red and white striped sweater. Soo cute!

  18. oo michael kors saddle bag... DROOOOL. I can't keep looking at this darned sale, so many good finds!

  19. what great picks! I especially love the striped sweater!


  20. Girl you got me registered now and looking at this sale.... IDK though...with a new car, this might be a no no haha

    dela chic

  21. thanks for the comment on my blog!! :)

    hope we can follow each other on GFC :)

    xoxo, Alee

  22. I would like to know what your experience ordering from this is like,because I've read some bad reviews of them and wasn't sure what to think.

  23. I love flat shoe by Marc Jacobs but, even with 50% everything is a little too expensive for me =(


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