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{event} Kate Spade Saturday Exclusive Preview Party

  Monday, February 18, 2013 at 7:30 AM   |    Post a Comment     Tagged:,,,, 
Last Wednesday I was invited to the Kate Spade Saturday exclusive preview party in New York.  So I dragged my friend Jess from work with me to check out the collection (okay, not dragged, she was very excited)!  Kate Spade Saturday launches in March and is a less expensive version of Kate Spade New York.  The line is geared toward a younger demographic with the pieces coming in bright colors and prints.  Thanks to Fab, you can shop the collection before it's officially released! They have a Kate Spade Saturday Pop Up Shop where you can purchase select pieces.

The prices will be around 50% lower than regular Kate Spade, the most expensive item I saw at the event was $170 for a dress and bag.  According to WWD, the average price point for Kate Spade Saturday will be $90 for apparel; $55 for eyewear; $40 for fashion accessories; $130 for handbags; $25 for home; $30 for jewelry; $85 for shoes; $45 for small goods; $50 for swimwear; $30 for tech, and $50 for watches.

Some of my favorite pieces from what I saw at the launch are the B.F.F. Cardi which can be worn as one color or a mix of black and blue, the Let Loose Dress that can be worn 3 ways, and a lot of the bags, accessories and home items.
At the event they had a selection of items to purchase and I picked up a set of 4 tall glasses.  We also got goodie bags that contained an adorable set of pencils; all were black and had the day of the week printed on them; except for Saturday, which was yellow, because it's #TheBestDayEver!

Be sure to follow Kate Spade Saturday on Twitter and Instagram with ks_saturday! :)

Thanks to Kate Spade for the invite, I had such a fun time at the event!
Photos of me by Jess

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  1. Wow this is such a fun thing being invited for such events! beautiful items, lovin your jacket!

  2. Looks like such a cute line, I can see at least a dozen things I'd want right now; but I have to say those peg board displays seem like an odd choice. I mean, is it supposed to be like you are shopping at someone's garage sale? Just because it is a budget line doesn't mean you want your shopping experience to feel cheapened. It makes me think of Old Navy - the exposed fixtures and cement floor. Odd choice.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Ok, this is good news! I really like the Kate Spade aesthetic, but don't even bother looking because I don't need more expensive addictions. Those price points aren't bad at all, if the quality is good... was it?

  4. what an amazing event to be able to go to...i am definitely jealous! PS I have a giveaway happening right now! hope you'll enter So Fresh and So Clean Giveaway

  5. How exciting that you were able to attend! Those dresses are so cute!

  6. OMG so jealous! I hope you had the best time! Loved getting to look through all of these pictures :)

    xo SideSmile,
    SideSmile Style

  7. That's not bad at all is it? Definitely will make having Kate Spade a lot more accessible to the masses. Looks like you had fun! x

  8. Looks like such a fun event!

  9. Very cool that you were able to go to the event! I can't wait to see the line in the's a little more wallet friendly, if you ask me compared to the main line. The glasses you picked up are very cute!

  10. I am so excited for their Saturday line! And how cool that you got to go to their party :)
    Love it!

  11. UM I want all of it!! This looks like such a fun offshoot brand.

  12. You lucky girl, how fun!!! It looks so fab!

  13. I love this line and so excited for it! I am so jealous you got to go to the event.

  14. All the polka dotted/spotted things. Can't I have them?

  15. I am soo soo excited for this line and I am incredibly jealous you were able to attend this event! I really hope Saturday lives up to all the hype as a Kate Spade lover/college student my bank account is seriously hating me...



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