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{tips} Wardrobe Essentials: Timeless Fashion Pieces

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Seasons come and go and so do the seasonal fashion trends. It is difficult to continuously keep up with all the different new styles, hypes and ins and outs - especially when you have to be careful with your money. So it is important to have some timeless fashion pieces hanging in your closet that you can mix and match with anything that you like. In the end, a few enduring wardrobe essentials go a long way. Here is a list of staples for you.

Purchase a timeless timepiece
A timeless timepiece might sound like a little bit of a contradiction, but a watch is one of the very few items that bucks all talk of seasonal trends. Pick a watch that will work with any outfit, and that reflects your personality and personal style.

Get inspired by the motorcycle look
Bomber jackets and biker jackets have never gone out of fashion. They started gaining attention in the early fifties, where actors such as Marlon Brando and James Dean wore them on the big screen, and ever since they have been a popular style staple for both women and men. They will complete any summer outfit, and they are great for the autumn too! You can purchase some beautiful and affordable biker jackets from New look.
James Dean photo source

Complete your collection of black-and-white basics
By black-and-white basics I mean almost all everyday clothing items, as these shades are easy to combine with any outfit, and you will always look on-point and classy in them. My top choice would be black pants, preferably skinny jeans or wool blend trousers. Black-and-white tank tops too can be worn with, and under, almost any outfit that you choose to wear. If your black-and-white basics game is on trend, then you will be able to complete any look!

Buy a stylish wallet that fits your style
As read on, think of your wallet as a direct reflection of how you manage your lifestyle. Seeing as you use your wallet on multiple occasions a day, in locations such as stores, restaurants and public transport, having a purse that you feel confident about will make you feel great all day long.

Get yourself a LBD
Many women and fashion designers think of a little black dress as the most essential piece in a woman’s wardrobe. It is mentioned so often in books, magazines and on runway interviews. The little black cocktail dress even has its own abbreviation and had many songs written about it. Let style icons like Edith Piaf and Coco Chanel inspire you and find a gorgeous LBD for yourself!
Audrey Hepburn Image Source

This is a guest post; the copy was written by an outside source but I provided imagery. I was compensated in exchange for posting, but it met my standards.

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  1. after two years i still want a michael kors watch lol.
    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  2. I could not agree more with the wardrobe staples you picked!

    Fizz and Frosting

  3. I love that red jacket. how gorgeous would that be to wear.... mmmmmm.
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. I agree that it's ok to be on trend but it's important to have the classic staples too...The thing with me is trying to not to get too much of the classics so that everything in my closet doesn't all look the same....trying to break out of that and I think I'm getting good at it!

  5. The Michael Kors watch is so versatile.
    I love biker jackets too!

  6. I've really fallen for my leather biker jacket. You found some really amazing images for this post, love them!

  7. Love the Everlane shirts...just bought a couple for myself!

  8. These are great picks! I agree with you on all of them! Love the leather jackets and Michael Kors blush watch ; )

  9. Love the rose gold MK....

  10. You just reminded me that i need to replace my wallet - it's a bad sign when you don't want to take it out of your bag because it looks sooo run down.

  11. love it ;)
    i have giveaway:)

  12. A leather jacket or vest is one of those pieces I really want. I've been thinking about a watch lately too. Hmm...


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